Sunday, January 10, 2010

Innocence Lost - Anthony Maldonado murdered

2009 -January 3 - While many of us were recuperating from
the effects of the New Year celebrations a 9 year old boy was
stabbed to death.

Photo: Anthony Maldonado

No, not on the streets.

Anthony Maldonado (9) was happily playing with his Christmas
gift while staying with relatives over the holiday. He was
thrilled with the play station and Tony Hawk skateboarding

But evil was in the room with him.

Evil in the form of a criminal thug who uses the name
"Aaron" and a false identity of "Michael Jacob."

2005 -Alejandro Morales was convicted of
assault and served 2 years in prison;

Dozens of prior arrests and convictions for:
Disorderly Conduct
Marijuana possession

With open cases against him of:
Weapons possession

Photo: Alejandro Morales (25)

Alejandro Morales was the only person in the room with young
Anthony at the time of the stabbling.

2010 - January 3 - 3:35 A.M - Anthony was playing his play
station with Morales who lived in the same building. Morales' two
brothers were also there but left to get something to eat.

Apparently an argument occurred over the game.

Soon after, Anthony knocked on his uncle's bedroom door
telling him "I've been stabbed."

Anthony was slashed on his face and stabbed several times,
he had bruises- it's believed he struggled with Morales
before being stabbed in the chest.

A 911 call is placed.
Police & Paramedics arrived.
Anthony was rushed to the hospital

4:19 A.M. - Anthony Maldonado was dead.

An autopsy showed Anthony had a perforated
left lung and carotid artery.

Anthony's family is left to mourn over a senseless death and asking
for justice.... for the death penalty.

Antonio Juela (Anthony's grandfather) "Anthony was
playing ... on PlayStation when his friend came and stabbed him.
My grandson died over a video game."

"Anthony was a loving child who loved his PlayStation."
"He got the PlayStation for Christmas and was very happy."
"He was so happy."

Cecilia Cunalata (Anthony's aunt) "Morales' brothers who
had been there that night but left, told Anthony's family..."We
hate him. We don't understand why he did this."

"She (Morales' mother) said he was "sick" (schizophrenic)."
"He doesn't like kids playing games." "She can't believe it.
She doesn't have the words to describe why he did this."

Alejandro Morales was sent to be assessed at Bellvue Hospital
for a mental evaluation.

Morales will be arraigned on murder and weapons possession charges.