Saturday, January 09, 2010

Unsolved Jennings, Jeff Davis Parish, Louisiana Murders

Since 2005 to the present, young women from Jennings, Louisiana
have been turning up dead.

These young women were sisters, aunts, mothers, and daughters
of those who knew and loved them. Though some had their troubles,
they were, and are, missed.

Although police are reluctant to attribute these murders to a serial
killer, someone is taking their young lives, someone who has no
right to rip them from life.

Though there have been suspects in some of the crimes, those
suspects have been released due to lack of evidence tying them
to the crime(s).

If you have any information regarding these crimes please contact
the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office at 337-821-2106 or the
FBI's Louisiana office at 504-816-3000 or the Task Force at

To read more about these cases: Murder in Jeff Davis Parish forum.

2005 - May 17 - Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis (28)

2005 - June 18 - Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson (29)
Ernestine worked with Brittney Ann Gary's mother.

2007 - March 5 -Kristen Elizabeth Gary Lopez (21)
Kristen was the cousin of Brittney Ann Gary

2007 - May - Whitnei Charlene Dubois (26) May 12th Whitnei was found

2008 - May 28 - LaConia Shontel "Muggy" Brown "Muggy" (23) was last seen
on this date hours before she was found murdered.
Laconia was the best friend of Brittney Ann Gary.

2008- September 11 - Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno (23) was found murdered on
this date.

2008- November 2 - 5:30 PM -Brittney Ann Gary (17) was last seen on this
date. She is found murdered on November 15th.

2009 - August 16 - Necole Guillory is last seen on this date.
She found murdered along Interstate 10 August 19th.