Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Convicted Murderer Bruce Davis Approved for Parole

June 2010
UPDATE: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reverses Bruce Davis' release.
An extremely revealing letter from the Gov. details Davis' time
in prison; his minimization of his role in the torture & murders
of two men, his drug use and recent mental evaluations.

Although convicted for two murders that took place in 1969,
and sentenced to Life in Prison, Bruce Davis has been
approved for parole by two of the parole panel.

Oh, that doesn't mean he'll be free. It has to go through the
full panel of parole board members, and through Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger first. The Los Angeles County District
Attorney's Office may also petition for parole to be denied.
The process could take up to 5 months.

If he gets out Davis hopes to live with his wife and daughter
(conjugal visits in prison) in Grover Beach near San Luis Obispo,
where he has the possibility of a landscaping job and has been
offered work with a church.

Davis participated in two murders, he knew what was going
to happen and still to this date minimizes his role. He denies
he was Charles Manson's right hand man. Others formerly
belonging to the followers of Manson have testified in the past
that people were more afraid of Davis than of Tex Watson.
LE suspect Davis committed other murders.

IMO At the least, Davis took two lives, and should live out
his life in prison as atonement for his crimes.