Sunday, October 04, 2009

Unwarranted thuggish Racial Assault on Tashawena Hill & her daughter

UPDATE: October 28, 2009 -
Troy Dale West Jr. was released on a $320,000 bond. The
judge ordered West placed under house arrest, fitted with an ankle
monitor, to surrender his passport, have no contact with Hill, and
to stay out of Clayton County, where Hill lives.

According to the police report Troy Dale West admitted striking
Hill, but claiming that he did so "after she spit on me and accused me
of trying to hit her daughter with a door."

Too bad for West's sorry arse, there were witnesses who saw the incident
and corroborate what Hill told police.

Photo: Tashawena Hill - U.S. Army Soldier

"Tashawena Hill "The attention is overwhelming. I'm not comfortable
with it at all. It's actually a little embarrassing and frustrating.
I'm scared."

There are those of us who appreciate the service of our servicemen/women,
and appreciate Tasha Hill's service. Tasha Hill and her daughter Shiyenn (7)
encountered Todd Dale West, the thuggish opposite type, on an outing to a
Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Shiyenn Hill "I was thinking that it was my fault and that I shouldn’t
have picked to go over there."

None of it was Shiyenn's fault. Not for choosing to eat at Cracker Barrel,
nor when the door swung hard by a patron nearly hit her.
Neither was it Tasha's fault for politely asking the patron to be careful.

Troy Dale West (47) 6'2", 250 lbs, swung the door roughly, almost
hitting little Shiyenn. When Tasha Hill politely asked him to be more
careful, she was not only verbally assaulted and cursed with racial slurs,
she was physically assaulted. Little Shiyenn Hill was forced to witness
the assault upon her mother and hear the denigrating racial slurs.

A Cracker Barrel employee " Troy Dale West responded “I don’t
give a f***you black n***** b**** and then started punching her." "I saw
the foot motion of him kicking her. As he was punching her, he called her
a black n***** b**** twice."

Photo: Mugshot of Troy Dale West

September 24th Court hearing:

Photo: Troy Dale West - all cleaned up for court.

West is charged with:
felony aggravated assault;
felony false imprisonment;
cruelty to children in the first degree (a felony);
2 counts of battery;
2 counts of disorderly conduct.

Ginger Ellis (who has grandchildren) was a witness. One moment she is
smiling at a 7-year-old girl skipping alongside her mother and seconds
later she witnesses a horrific attack upon them.

Ginger Ellis "I'm convinced the attack was racially motivated “because he
used the N word and the way he kept kicking her and he kept hitting her.
You could see the evilness on his face.”

Jimmy Callaway (Morrow Police Commander)"The restaurant's
surveillance video clearly shows West beating Hill in the restaurant's
small entryway."

It’s clearly a shocking incident to where a man that’s twice the size of
this female beats her down in front of the child.

That surveillance tape is in the hands of the FBI, who are investigating
whether the beating is in fact a hate crime. This is because Georgia at
present does not have a hate crimes law. State lawmakers, however, are
expected to remedy that lack.


Kudos to those of Tasha Hill's fellow servicemen/women who attended the
hearing to support her and Shiyenn, and continue that support.

Kudos to Cracker Barrel's corporate leaders who have banned Troy Dale West
from ALL of their restaurants, for life.

Cracker Barrel's statement:
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. is pleased that the Clayton County
Grand Jury has returned indictments against the man accused of assaulting
a woman who was entering one of its Georgia stores on September 9, 2009.

Cracker Barrel is encouraged to know that its cooperation with authorities
helped secure these indictments because Cracker Barrel wants to see justice

"Cracker Barrel will continue to cooperate with the Clayton County District

Attorney’s office through this criminal proceeding. The Company has provided
the district attorney with surveillance video as part of this case.

The video shows how Cracker Barrel came to the victim’s aid, and that a
Cracker Barrel manager put himself in harm’s way to provide aid to the
victim. Company policy allows the release of surveillance video only to law
enforcement officials and as required by law."