Friday, November 06, 2009

Strength through Adversity - Fort Hood Texas - Heroism during the shooting massacre

Fort Hood has lost some of its own, to one of it's own. This tragic incident
has resulted in the death of 13 soldiers, and the wounding of 31.

A graduation ceremony was being conducted next door to the processing of
soldiers when shots rang out and medics in their caps and gowns ran towards
the direction of the shots to give aid.

Specialist Amber Moore, herself wounded, went back to pick up a comrade
and get them to safety.

A soldier in his truck outside of the facility heard the shots and ran back inside
to help. He and others aided four wounded soldiers into his truck, and once
they were secured, drove them to a nearby hospital, saving their lives.

A soldier helping the wounded was hit in the boot with a bullet. He
continued to give aid without concern for himself.

Soldiers inside the facility, while wounded, aided others soldiers who had
been shot. Other soldiers used their battlefield knowledge, experience
and training to assist and save others.

First responders accosted the shooter. Officer Kim Munley and Senior Sgt.
Mark Todd were there within 3 minutes. They encountered the shooter
outside of the building. The shooter shot Officer Munley in the legs. She
returned fire and Officer Mark Todd also fired, stopping the shooter's
bloody rampage. He kicked away the shooter's weapon and cuffed him.
Officer Todd, a former military (Army) policeman, wrapped his belt
around Munley's leg leg to stop the bleeding from one of her wounds.

The entire military community will mourn the loss of those killed, and will
support and pray for their families, and for those wounded, and their families.
Reviews will be done, investigations conducted.

But this incident will not dampen their committment to their duty, in fact, it will
do the reverse, it will strengthen that committment.