Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love & Trial is in the Air

Lisa M. Nowak's target of her bizarre plot, Colleen Shipman,
is now engaged to Bill Oefelein. Bill & Colleen, living in Alaska,
have decided to tie the knot and although a wedding date hasn't
yet been established, wedding bells will be ringing.

For Lisa Nowak however, a judge's gavel will be banging loud
in a courtroom.

Preliminary trial is set for November 10, 2009 and a trial
date of December 7, 2009 on charges of attempted kidnapping
burglary and battery with assault against Colleen Shipman.

The whole mess in Nowak's head about her "role" in
the "love triangle" was just that, a mess, and her actions landed
her into a legal mess.

The lovebirds will be facing a life together, while Nowak will be facing
time in jail.