Sunday, June 21, 2009

CAYLEE ANTHONY - What's missing from the document releases?

There's been a plethora of documents released under the Florida
Sunshine Law to date, which many are perusing in search of (and in
hopes of) finding the evidence the Prosecution has that they feel
will convict Casey Anthony.

Wendy Murphy, (author, former child abuse and sex crimes prosecutor,
teacher, lecturer) hones in on some key points gleaned from what has,
and hasn't been released.

The documents released have interviews with several of Casey Anthony's
(former) friends. Yet police have stated they wouldn't discuss other "leads"
pertaining to others who might have knowledge, or be involved in the child's
disappearance and murder.

Wendy Murphy "Maybe those leads went nowhere. But shielding the
names of potential witnesses so early in an investigation, at a time when
the identities of so many people associated with Casey were readily
available to the press, raises interesting questions.

What reason did police have for keeping certain leads secret? Why have
those names still not been revealed after nearly a year?

If the leads went nowhere, there's no reason for continued secrecy. And
if the names are being withheld under one of the exceptions of the
"Sunshine Law," can we infer that Casey did not act alone? At the very
least, can we assume that unidentified others know important information
about how and why Caylee died?

From the Autopsy Report, it's clear that little Caylee Anthony was discarded
like thrown out trash soon after her demise. The roots and tendrils growing
through her remains shows the assertions by the defense (and family) that
SODDI (some other dude did it)" placed the remains in that location after
Casey Anthony was arrested as untrue.

With several layers of duct tape across her mouth, face and into her hair,
one can be forgiven for assuming the worst, that Caylee was either being
silenced, or drugged and silenced before her death. That the child suffered.

That animals and rodents and insects had the opportunity to eat the flesh
and gnaw on the bones and scatter them; that insects made nests in her hair,
shows the callousness of Caylee's killer, who obviously cared nothing for the
fact that this would happen to the precious child's body.

Drug reports released state that certain chemical compounds were not found.

Wendy Murphy "It was reported recently that drug tests on hair from
Caylee's remains produced negative results. FBI scientists conducted tests
to determine whether benzodiazepines were present and the results indicate
that either nothing was found or the traces were so small, they were not

Why was law enforcement looking for benzodiazepines in the first

Wendy Murphy explains that benzos inhibit memory and render children
cooperative without knocking them out, thus they are popular with those
involved in child porn and with sex offenders. Apparently bones and bone
marrow can can be tested to ascertain if a person had benzos in their body
at the time of death, and, that the tests can be conducted years after a
person is deceased and decomposed.

Wendy Murphy "Benzos are less stable in hair, especially hair that has
been affected by water. So even when drugs appear in bones, it would
not be unusual to receive a negative result on drug tests in hair that has
been submerged in water.

Given that the public has been allowed access to the negative test results
on hair found with Caylee's remains, what inference can we draw from
the fact that we've been denied access to other drug-related information?

More importantly, why does the lab report on the negative result indicate
that tests were conducted after a "conversation" between the medical
examiner in Florida and the FBI lab in Virginia that did the actual testing?

I can tell you that when a forensic pathologist investigating cause and
manner of death asks an outside lab to conduct specific drug tests, it is
because the initial autopsy and related investigation materials produced
reason to believe drugs would be found.

A search warrant in the case authorized police to seize sedatives from
the Anthony home and that a judge cannot issue such a warrant without
cause to believe such drugs are related to Caylee's death. In other words,
the concern about benzodiapepines being associated with Caylee's death
did not come from nowhere."

It's been well documented that police seized as evidence computer and cell
phone records not only from Casey Anthony, but from the Anthony home.

Wendy Murphy points out that although the cell phone activity was
released to the public, the computer activity was not. Add to that, Casey
became delete delirious just after Caylee "went missing."

So what are in those searches of the computer? Just what evidence did
law enforcement find?

It's a no brainer. The Prosecution is keeping evidence under wraps
(allowed by the Sunshine Law" that could affect a fair trial for the

Just because we, the public, want to see what that evidence is makes no
difference. And rightly so. The defendant is entitled to a fair trial, and
evidence that will either convict or exonerate the defendant should be
presented in court.

Wendy Murphy "Many more aspects of this case should be analyzed
based on what isn't being reported and it bears repeating the obvious
that if the most damning evidence against Casey is being withheld, the
case may well be rock solid."

That being said, it doesn't preclude us from speculating about what's
missing in the document dumps, or what evidence exists that put the
DP back onto the case.

This case has touched many because the plight of Caylee Anthony highlights
the fact that children are killed by their parents, are thrown away, everyday.

The perpetrators in every child case should face justice. The children deserve