Saturday, August 08, 2009

Michael Dippolito's lucky day

Ah, the joys of love! Especially when newly wed. Oh, except of course, in the
case of Michael Dippolito and his bride of a mere six months, Dalia.

While waiting for the ink to dry on his divorce last fall, Michael Dippolito
frequented a local Starbucks where he is promptly latched onto by one
Dalia Mohammed.

After four months together Dalia begins working for Beachfront Realty.
(January 2009) Dalia "advises" and urges him to buy property.
He duly purchases for himself a pricy townhome. Who's the realtor?
Why, none other than Dalia herself.

The townhome sale to Michael Dippolito is her one and only sale with the
company. (Per Ed Roberts the founder of Beachfront Realty.)

The ink dries on his divorce and Michael and Dalia waltz down the aisle.
(February 2009). The next six months is filled with tirades about
money by the money obsessed second Mrs. In fact, there are loud
fights. Seems Michael gave Dalia money for bills, money that did not go
towards the bills and disappeared. Even so, he puts Dalia onto the deed
for his townhouse.

But that wasn't enough for the newly wed Dalia. She repeatedly
urges Michael to put the deed solely into her name to "protect his assets."
Meanwhile, Michael Dippolito experiences death threats and drugs being
put into his vehicle. He reports these events to police.

When he finally puts pen to paper on July 31, 2009, and puts the townhome
solely into Dalia Dippolito's name, Dalia tells a "close" friend (reportedly, &
allegedly), a man she was "seeing" during the short marriage) that she wants
to hire someone to kill her husband Michael.

Attorney Sam Caliendo "We have no way of knowing [the extent of their
relationship]. We know she was seeing him, otherwise she wouldn't have
confided.Obviously, he was close enough that she provided that particular
detail to him. As to whether the informant was a lover... That's what we
suspect. That's where our suspicions lie. This all evolved as of [last] Friday."

Alarmed and convinced Dalia will carry out her plot, the "friend" wants no
part of her scheme and notifies authorities. Said authorities take the report
seriously and set up a sting. An undercover police officer poses as a hitman
and meets with Dalia Dippolito twice. (Their conversations are recorded
via audio and video.)

The want to be widow plops down $1,200 for the "hit man" to purchase a
handgun; provides him photos of her husband, their home; his schedule,
and discusses setting up an alibi for herself. Dalia takes it a step further and
tells the "hitman" that she would deny any involvement and even go so far
as to provide police with false information and names to divert suspicion
from the grieving widow.

"She asked if this was a "solid deal" and that she didn't want to hear any
excuses later about why it didn't happen."

August 3, 2009 was the second meeting between the two. The officer
again gave Dalia the opportunity to put the brakes on her plot. But Dalia
wasn't backing down from murder.

"Are you sure you want him killed?" Dalia Dippolito laughs "I will be very happy."
After agreeing to pay $3,000 dollars when the job is done, she's asked once more
"Are you sure about having your husband killed?" "I'm not going to change my
mind. I am 5,000 percent sure I want it done. When I set my mind to something,
I get it done."

This past Wed. August 5, 2009, Dalia Dippolito went off to the gym and Police
knocked on Michael Dippolito's door. "They said, 'Come with me immediately.
Your wife's trying to have you killed."

Police stage a crime scene and contact Dalia. So of course, upon her arrival
she sees multiple police vehicles, crime scene tape and CSI van.
Sgt. Frank Ranzie "I watched her closely as I told her there had been a
disturbance in her house and that shots had been fired. Her eyes were
glued to mine. I asked if her husband was Michael? She nodded. And
that's when I said, "I'm sorry to tell you your husband's been killed."
Before I finished saying the word "killed," she launched into hysterics.
I was looking very closely at her face, and at her eyes, and they were
completely dry. And she blinked feverishly. Not a single tear came out
of her eyes." Dalia Dippolito kept insisting on seeing her husband's body.

After being taken down to the police station Dalia was
interviewed and told that the cops are wise to her murder plot.
They introduce her to the undercover officer, arrest and cuff her.

As they lead her towards the door, she sees Michael Dippolito...alive.
"Oh my God! Come here! Come here!"

Michael Dippolito gave her the hard stare "You can't fix this one."

Police Report (pdf format)

Dalia is informed of her husband's death (video)

Dalia is arrested. (video)

Dalia Dippolito isn't having a very good week. She's been arrested, a judge
limits her movements, she has to wear an unsightly leg bracelet, have
random drug tests and reside with her mother.

Michael Dippolito filed a lawsuit asking the court to remove her name
from the deed and place it solely into his name. He's filed for divorce so
instead of being a widow, she'll be a divorcee. If she's convicted, she'll
serve considerable time.

Michael Dippolito "Why not just ask for a divorce?"

Michael Dippolito speaks

All that effort so she could have the townhome sans husband.

Kudos to the person who notified police. That person likely saved
Michael Dippolito's life.

UPDATE: May 2011 - Dalia Dippolito's trial was held, the jury convicted.
Sentencing will be held June 2011.