Friday, December 05, 2008

Diane Downs' upcoming Parole Hearing.


December 9, 2008, Diane Downs' parole hearing will take place
and many people are hoping the Oregon Parole Board
will refuse her parole.

After reading Diane's Applicaton for Parole, her rebuttal to the
psych report, the Dangerous Offender report, and the
Prosecution's Opposition to Parole, it is crystal clear that Diane
Downs has continuously refused any culpability for the crimes
she committed against her children.

Her repeated infractions in prison, consisting of abusive behaviour
towards custodial corrections officers, refusal to follow rules, as
well as her escape, and attempted escapes, all show that Downs
does not accept that she was lawfully convicted, nor that she isn't a
danger to anyone.

Downs, in her application for parole claims that she doesn't do drugs
or hooch. Yet, reflected in the Dangerous Offender report is the fact
that Downs was caught in 1985 of being involved in establishing a
drug ring behind prison bars. "Attempt to commit, possess, or
manufacture the use of dangerous contraband."

The only time Downs mentions Christie, or Dan, is when she wishes
to look good, such as praising the Hugi's for "raising them right."
But in the same breath, she claims Dan Hugi isn't in a wheelchair any
longer, which is incorrect, since Dan was left paralyzed from the waist
down. Christie Hugi was partially paralyzed on one side of her body.
Yet Diane never mentions that fact either. She never mentions concern
over the years about their well being. She never mentions their pain
and suffering, nor the loss of their sister, Cheryl.

In an interview right after the shootings Diane was asked about
her feelings regarding the incident.

Diane stated: "Everybody says you sure were lucky. Well, I
don't feel very lucky. I couldn't tie my damn shoes for
about two months.

It is very painful, it is still painful. I have a steel plate in
my arm, I will for a year and a half. The scar is going to be
there for ever.

I'm going to remember that night for the rest of my life
whether I want to or not. I don't think I was very lucky.

I think my kids were lucky. If I would have been shot the
way they were we all would have died."

In Diane speak, the children are lucky she didn't die otherwise
there would have been no one to slowly drive them to the hospital.

However, her personal feelings were all about her. Her wound. Her
scar. She was feeling sorry for her self. Nothing, not one word about
the children's ordeal in being shot or how close to death Christie came.
Or how horrible it was that they were shot.

Everything is about Diane, who basks in the glow of her notoriety.

Little Cheryl Downs never got to grow up as her siblings did. Her ashes
were scattered across the Arizona soil many years ago. Diane Downs
did that. She killed an innocent child. A child who bore the brunt of her
ill will. Cheryl, who would never again run and play or grow up and be
with her brother and sister.

Dan Hugi used to run and walk on two legs. Since the shooting he's been
confined to a wheelchair, living with multiple problems that his parents
the Hugis, have helped him deal with for most of his life. He's made the
best of life despite his handicaps. Handicaps his mother created. Dan
was a child, another innocent child who also had born her ill will prior
to the shooting.

Christie Hugi was an innocent and normal child but after the shooting
she became partially paralyzed. She too deserved better than being a
verbal or physical punching bag for her mother. Diane Downs did that
to her.

Downs, a mother who is no mother. Instead a monster who likes making
babies, but doesn't like the reality of raising, loving, and caring for them.

Diane Downs deserves to hear at each and every parole hearing, every
two years, for the rest of her life, the word DENIED.

She deserves that, because she did that. She put herself there.

October 3, 2008 Infamous Murderers - Diane Downs

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