Friday, December 05, 2008

OJ Simpson - Sentenced

OJ Simpson has been his own worst enemy.

After the verdict years ago in the murder case of Ron Goldman
and Nicole Simpson, OJ should have allowed himself to fade
from public view as much as possible. Instead he was to be
found on the pages of the tabloids and the news media
embroiled in road rage, a domestic dispute with either his
girlfriend or his daughter, or living it up on the golf course.

After walking away from a conviction in the first case, and then
again in the other matters, OJ likely began to believe he was
invincible, that no one would ever convict him, of anything.

He just found out that's not true.

In his speech to the court, OJ appeared contrite, apologetic and teary
eyed. Yet he still tried to minimize his responsibility for events.

A gregarious man who loves holding sway among an audience, being
idolized for his has been sports days, being placed in isolation for his
own protection must be a bitter pill to swallow.

Although he's been sentenced for the crime of robbery and the related
charges, the isolation is a karmic sentence addition that many find quite