Saturday, December 13, 2008


The vultures are gathering. That's right. Experts and high profile
attorneys. The kind that would put a crowd of bargain shoppers
to shame in their rush to jump onto the bandwagon of a case that
will provide them with more publicity.

True, Jose Baez is undermatched for this case, and he needed
someone more experienced as co-counsel and experts.

First there was Dr. Kobilinski. Up until now he's been the best
of a crop of tv forensic celebs. So far he's avoided risking his
reputation by out and out theatrics.

Then along came Henry Lee, the ketchup spitting star of the
bunch. Henry Lee was on tap for the Defense in the Laci
Peterson case, but didn't end up testifying.

Judge Fidler in the Spector trial, part I, ruled that Lee was
responsible for removing potential evidence from a crime
scene. Lee conveniently went on a trip to China to avoid
testifying further in that case, even though he was
expected to.

Now there's Linda Kenny Baden. Remember her? She was
one of Phil Spector's team of attorneys. The only female on
the team, she patted pore little Phil's arm and soothed him
during certain distasteful testimony.

Her husband, reknowned Dr. Michael Baden, forensic
pathologist, made an ass of himself by testifying in the case.
He wasn't alone, Cyril Wecht, and Dr. Spitz did the same.

Spitz exhibited disbelief that anyone should disagree or
disbelieve his expert testimony, whether it was credible
or not.

Added to this mix is Kathy Reichs, well known forensic
pathologist and author. Many respect her and enjoy
her books. I do also.

I'm hoping that Reichs and Kobiliniski don't travel
down the road their elder peers have taken.

Of course, it is to be expected that Reichs will have
the opportunity to put the experience in a book and
they'll both continue to opine on shows that pay them.
So will the others. I have no problem with that.

Sure, I'm being unfair, hardheaded, whatever....towards
Lee and Spitz, but it was abundantly clear that Spitz and
Lee fit their testimony to whomever is paying the fee.

The public expects these experts to be held to a higher
standard. We expect them to be impartial, testifying to
the truth of the matter, not twisting it until the truth
is no longer relevant.

Their testimony should be able to stand on its own,
we shouldn't be expected to believe them simply
because of their fame or notoriety.

Because the defense is packing the bleachers with all
of these big names, the one thing in this case that really
matters, will be shunted to the side, out of the way as
the defense twists and spins the evidence and testimony,
and redirects the blame, all for Casey Anthony. The
defense will do its best to see that Caylee is obscured.

Caylee Anthony, a precious little girl, who sang to her pa-pa,
and smiled big beautiful smiles, her life was worth more
than anything being done to spare Casey Anthony more
time behind bars.

Because after all, this is about Caylee. Caylee's life, and
her death, and who did it and why.