Thursday, December 11, 2008

Remains of Child's Body found near Caylee Anthony's home

Today a utility worker (some say meter reader) was taking a break
for a whizz and walked into the woods to get some privacy. Little
did he know that this action would lead to a find that could break
a case wide open. The location was 1/4 of a mile from
Casey Anthony's home.... 20 houses away. The area can be
reached through the wooded area that actually extend to the
back of the Anthony home.

The supervisor of the worker was on the news, and he wouldn't
comment on why the worker had gone in the woods because
it is part of the investigation.

Reportedly, finding a plastic bag, the worker picked it up and a skull
fell out. Reporters are stating that a skeleton was found as well. He
immediately found 911.

Holly Bristow from Fox News has a source within the
neighborhood who "knows the worker" and relayed to her that it
was obvious that it was the skull of a girl, and that duct tape was
around the mouth area of the skull."

That's all supposition and rumor at this point.

If true, it's even more horrendous an ending to a child's life than
originally thought.

Sheriff Beary stated that the remains were found approximately
50-60 feet into the woods, well away from the road. But a
blue tent has been set up roughly 4-5 feet away from the road.
The Sheriff has also said that if anyone wants to sneak into the
site area and play games they'll be dealt with. The same goes
for anyone going to the Anthony home and being un-civil.

Neighbors and former friends of Casey Anthony have stated that
this area was the same area where Casey and other kids would
gather to have parties. The area during the summer and fall is
usually swampy with water from knee high to waist high, drying
out only during the winter months.

The area is dense with woods and brush and a dry river bed along
with barbed wire. Texas Equusearch had searched the area but it
was flooded. When they went back to search again, the wooded
area was being developed, had fencing and they were denied
access to search.

Crime scene investigators, the Medical Examiner and FBI are
there and intend to be there for quite some time processing
the scene.

Sheriff's Dept. has secured the Anthony home and it's being
reported that another search warrant will be served once the
Anthonys, Cindy and George return from California on a flight
this afternoon.

Jose Baez was successful in getting the trial date pushed back
from January 5, 2009 to March, with a hearing January 15th,

The body has been taken from the scene by the Medical Examiner
and FBI and the remains will be sent to Quantico lab in Virginia.
The crime scene van and other investigators remain at the scene.

Reporters and pundits, Experts and analysts are all speculating
and opining. But one thing is clear, if there indeed was duct tape
and a trash bag, it's evidence that can be processed and linked
back to the perpetrator, or at least whomever disposed of the
body. Duct tape is extremely resilient and often retains

State Attorney is saying that the DP could be placed back into
play depending on evidence. There will be changes if there were
any deals in the case, those deals will be taken off the table.

Fox 35 is reporting that Casey Anthony learned of the situation
and is under psychological observations, since she is exhibiting
signs of anxiety with panic attacks.

UPDATE: Geraldo on Fox says that Jose Baez told him "his client
reacted badly, being extremely upset, sobbing and crying and had
to be sedated.

Casey Anthony's own words "She's close, she's very close."