Friday, December 19, 2008

Confirmation - Remains are those of Caylee Marie Anthony

Today's press conference merely confirmed what many
have already believed. The child's remains found near
the Anthony home were those of little Caylee Anthony.

The bright eyed, smiling toddler who (in videos on
youtube) danced to Barney, swam in the pool with
the help of her grandma, and laughed and giggled
at her grandpa.


Nevermore to brighten their lives.

Homicide. Murder. Those are such ugly words to
place in conjunction with anyone's name,
especially that of a child.

Yet those words, instead of sullying and staining
those who are slain, they instead reflect ignominy
upon those who do the killing.

No matter their motives, nor their delight or disdain
in and towards the press and public, the killer's name
is always and forever linked in tandem with murder,
homicide, or manslaughter.

Whether Casey Anthony is convicted or is set free,
in a future trial, her name will forever be stained
with the words neglect, thief and liar. By her own
admission she is at the least guilty of those.

Through evidence and circumstance it may be
proved that she deserves the title of murderer.

While her parents provided for both Casey and
Caylee, Casey rewarded them with her thefts
and her lies.

She toyed with her family's emotions as if it
were her right. She gave them clues that in
retrospect seem cruel, as if she wanted them
to have the horrific experience of finding
their beloved's remains.

At least with the recovery of Caylee's remains
she'll be provided with the dignity of a proper
burial. Perhaps in a place where they can visit
and mourn, instead of a patch of woods, where
she was discarded like unwanted trash.

Casey has stolen more than money from her family.

Casey Anthony has taken a beautiful child's love
from them. She has emeshed them in a tangled web
of self serving lies, and forever, stolen their
peace of mind.

Caylee Marie Anthony 2005-2008