Monday, November 03, 2008

Saying Goodbye -Anne Pressly - Julian King, Darnell Hudson Donerson, Jason King

Two families held memorial services, saying goodbye to
loved ones, dealing with the grief, the loss and the memories.

Guy and Patti Cannady laid their daughter Anne Pressly to
rest amid an outpouring of condolences from total strangers,
to whom they have indicated that "they are grateful."
In a celebration of Anne's life Guy and Patti consented to the
donation of Anne's organs and the lives of six other people
have been enriched.

"This is what Anne would have wanted and that's why her service
was joyful and a celebration of her life. She would not want us to
be mourning."

With politicians, celebrities and friends, the Hudson family said
goodbye to three of their own. Julian King, Darnell Hudson
Donerson, and Jason Hudson.

Eulogies and scripture gave an anchor of faith to those in attendance
and later the memorial abounded with happy memories surrounded
by gospel music in a celebration of their lives.

In both cases, the investigations into the deaths are ongoing.