Friday, October 31, 2008


Yet another player who stands before the cameras and fakes his way
through tearful interviews, claiming to be heartbroken.

Everyone close to Leah Walsh feared the worst when her car was found
by her father on the side of the road, locked and no sign of Leah anywhere.
Yet those who truly loved her, and were close to her, clung to hope...that is,
except for one person. The one person who knew that Leah wasn't coming
home. The one despicable person who let her family suffer, fear and agonize
over her disappearance.

William aka Bill Walsh has confessed to Law Enforcement that he strangled
(his word "choked) Leah during a violent argument. Then leaving her body
where it lay, he gathered up his laundry and took it to the laundromat. While
out and about he ate a meal at McDonald's, plotting and planning how he was
going to get out of the mess he'd made. Then, plan formulated, he waited
until late that next night and he took Leah's body and threw it out into the
weeds as if he were throwing out the trash.

He staged the vehicle and he returned, not once, but twice to the scene
of the crime. One of those times was to throw out her purse to lend credence
to the random attack he had staged. Locking the car and making sure there was
nothing really wrong with the flat tire, Walsh seems to have been concerned
with not damaging the vehicle, or having someone really steal the car,
after all, it's his property with her gone.

Walsh reportedly, "allegedly" has a girlfriend or girlfriends on the side, but that
wouldn't stop him from being angry if Leah told him she was leaving or divorcing
him. And it's clear from a friend who received text messages from Leah during
the fight, that Leah had clearly had enough. Referencing something that was
to her so terrible that divorce was the only option at this point, it's
obvious Leah was ready and committed to breaking free.

Yet even though Walsh has confessed, the spin has already begun. His attorney
claims the confession was coerced under duress. At some point Walsh decided
to do the right thing and confess, probably because he knew the police had the
goods on him. But it appears that instead of continuing to take responsibility
for what he's done, he'll go along with the spin to try and mitigate his actions.

After all, facing the sentence he's likely to get, he probably hopes his lawyer
can pull a rabbit out of a hat and get him off scot free, or at least shave some
time off a sentence. He should have enjoyed that order from McDonald's. It's
likely to be the last McD's order he ever eats.