Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Infamous Murderers - Internet Related Murder Case - SHAREE MILLER


Sharee Miller, age 36, is incarcerated at Robert Scott Correctional Facility
in Plymouth, Michigan for the murder and conspiracy to murder, of her
husband Bruce Miller in 1999.

Miller was sentenced to life in prison for second-degree murder and
a further 54-81 years for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder
with her co-conspirator Jerry L. Cassaday (deceased by suicide).

Miller had manipulated Cassaday, her lover with whom she had
corresponded over the internet, into killing Bruce Miller.
Her motive was financial gain while Cassaday was led to believe that
Bruce Miller was abusive, and that he (Cassaday) would share a future
with Miller.

1997 -Sharee Miller became employed at B&D Auto Salvage as a book-
keeper for Bruce Miller.

1999 -(Spring) Sharee and Bruce Miller were married.

1999 -July Sharee Miller had an internet "friend" that she soon met in
Reno, Nevada and consummated their affair. At the same time Sharee
Miller created a new persona for herself, that of being a rich business-
woman who owned a nursing home, living with a disabled man and the
man's brother Bruce. Later she claims "she is forced by family pressure
to marry the man Bruce."

1999 - Sept 23 - Sharee Miller informed Cassaday that she had "lost"
his baby because her husband raped her forcibly. She created a new
story about how Bruce Miller was now a "violent Mafia Don and that
if she left she would die."

1999 - October - Sharee Miller informed Cassaday that she was again
pregnant by him, this time with twins. To convince him Miller sent
positive pregnancy tests, sonograms of the babies and pictures of her

1999 - November 5 - Cassaday received emails reported to be from
Bruce Miller's screenname, but were created and sent by Sharee Miller.
"Sharee is growing fat with two bastards in her. She has decided to get
an abortion."

1999 - November 6 - Again Cassady received emails reported to be from
Bruce Miller. "Well, Jerry, she told me to let you know she would be home
soon. I think the abortion went fine. Thank you for making my relationship
with my wife better." Sharee Miller's con this time was "he (Bruce Miller)
had some of his people gang rape her and beat the crap out of her some
more until they killed the babies.

1999 - November 8 (early hours) Sharee Miller and Jerry Cassaday plotted
Bruce Miller's murder.

1999 - November 8 (Evening) Bruce Miller was found by his brother Chuck
and his wife Judy dead on the floor of B&D Auto Salvage.Bruce had been
murdered, shot in the chest.

1999 - November 10 Sharee Miller was dancing in a bar in Otisville, Michigan.

1999 - Two weeks after the murder Sharee Miller had a live in boyfriend.

1999 - December - 2000- January - Sharee Miller backs away from the
relationship and taunts Cassaday about her new boyfriend(s) and ends
their relationship.

2000 - February -Jerry Cassaday, a former policeman,, remorse ridden,
placed copies of his and Sharee Miller's emails, instant messages, letters to
his family, and his suicide note in which he confessed to the shooting and to
Sharee's part in the planning. In particular there is a transcript of an AIM
(Aol instant message) in which Miller gives Cassaday directions to her
husband's junkyard telling him "which roads to use to avoid police, the
best way to approach her husband without causing alarm," "that Cassaday
shoot inside to minimize the noise" and to "get out when it's done." There
were also videos Sharee had sent Cassaday in which she was being sexual
and that she was pregnant by Cassady with twins. She also stated in the
video(s) that her husband (Bruce Miller) had beaten her so bad that she
had to abort his children.

Jerry L. Cassady committed suicide.

2000 - February 22 - Sharee Miller flew home from Reno, Nevada and
was arrested at the airport and charged with first-degree murder and
conspiracy to commit murder.

2000 - December 12 - The State of Michigan v. Sharee Miller trial began.

2008 - April 15 Sharee Miller remarried
Sharee Miller married her fourth husband, Michael Denoyer while in
prison. Denoyer, 56, watched on television a series on the Oxygen
channel entitled "Snapped." Denoyer claims "it was her eyes and a
loneliness that surrounded her that attracted him." "At the end of
the show, where they said she was guilty, I saw something in her
eyes that broke my heart."

Denoyer wrote a note letting Miller know he was there if she needed
a friend." Upon their first visit, the day he actually met her in person,
Denoyer proposed. "It wasn't in my mind, but just talking to her;
there was something in her eyes and it just came out."

2007 -Sharee Miller
Sharee Denoyer continues to proclaim her innocence and filed an appeal.
Reportedly she was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder and
other mental health illnesses. Sharee Denoyer claims "she wants to give
back to the people she had selfishly taken from." Reportedly she's written
three novels and is working on two more. She states that they are
"semi-autobiograhpical and deal with emotional pain and abuse she has
endured since childhood." "They are fiction, but each one discloses a little
it of how I became the person I am now."

PAROLE: The earliest Sharee (Miller) Denoyer would be eligible for
parole is 2055.

2008 NEW TRIAL ORDERED: Judge Victoria A. Roberts (Federal
Judge) ordered a new trial for Miller based on the grounds that "Circuit
Judge Judith A. Fullerton erred by allowing into evidence the suicide note
written by Jerry L. Cassaday." Attorney David Nickola stated "the tainted
evidence won't be allowed in." "Jurors should have never seen the suicide
note because Cassaday was dead and could not be cross examined."
Prosecutor David Leyton stated "he would suggest the State Attorney
General appeal the ruling to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati."
"I will urge them to appeal this decision ... It's an important issue in an
important case that needs to be adjudicated beyond the (U.S.) District

Both books and movies were made about this murder case:
Fatal Error" written by Paul Janczewski and Mark Morris.
Court Tv: Mich. v. Miller: Sex, lies and murder.
Lifetime Television: Fatal Desire.
Oxygen Channel's true crime series Snapped: profiled the case