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Susan Leigh (Vaughan) Smith, age 35, is incarcerated at Leath Correctional
Institution, near Greenwood, South Carolina for the murders of her two
sons, Alex, 14 months old, and Michael, age 3 by deliberately drowning the
children inside a vehicle. She was sentenced to 30 years to life. She is not
allowed to give media interviews.

According to the Corrections Dept. Smith's projected parole date is
November 4, 2024, after she has served 30 years of her sentence.
Smith would be 52. David Smith, the boy's father, has stated his
intentions of being at each and every hearing and opposing parole.

1994 - Susan Smith hysterically contacted police, falsely claiming she had
been car-jacked by an African -American and that her two children were
still in the vehicle, and that they had cried for their mother as she watched
them being driven away.

Law enforcement and the public were galvanized into searching for the young
boys while Smith made pleas on television. David Smith, her estranged husband
and the father of Alex and Michael stood by her side and was visibly shaken by
events. His please for the return of Alex and Michael were heartfelt and heart-
breaking. Susan Smith's performance in front of the cameras led some to
believe she was hiding something.

Law enforcement's investigation came full circle- right back to Susan Smith.
After nine days Smith finally confessed. She claimed she had meant to
commit suicide with the children.

Susan Smith's cold hearted tale of exiting the vehicle, releasing the emergency
break, closing the car door and watching as the car took her sleeping children
down into the water of John D. Long lake was horrifying. Both children were
strapped into their car seats, and as the water rose, it is likely it awakened
them and they cried. One diver, testified with his voice cracking as he related
how the vehicle had been found upside down in 18 feet of water. "I was able
to see a small hand against the glass." During the trial a video was shown of a
re-enactment of the car submerging. It was a long six minutes as the car filled
with water before it submerged. An autopsy proved that both boys were still
alive when the water rose over their heads.

Although Smith and her family have had a history of depression and suicide,
and, Susan Smith is reported to have suffered frome sexual abuse, and tried
to commit suicide after relationship breakups, she was, and is, no stranger to
manipulating men.

Her family believes that she was in part responsible for the sexual encounters
with her step-father. From the two older married men she was juggling during
her senior year, to her husband David, to Tom Findlay, the lover she was
pursuing, to the corrections guards Susan Smith appears to have no problem
with playing the victim or mind games, irregardless of the cost to, or the feelings
of, the person she's manipulating. Even the FBI noted that Susan appears to cry
and go through the motions, but has no real tears.

2000 - Women's Correctional Institute, Columbia, South Carolina. Susan Smith
was found to have had sex with two male prison guards, both of whom were

A report by tabloids that Smith had been beaten in prison was investigated
and although no beatings were revealed, her records showed that she had
been treated for a sexually transmitted disease "other than HIV" and under
questioning, Smith admitted to having sex with Lt. Houston Cable, a prison
guard, and Capt. Alfred Rowe Jr., who pled guilty and was sentenced to
five years probation.

Circuit Judge Casey Manning said he took into consideration in sentencing
that the sex was "consensual."

2001 - Susan Smith was transferred to Leath Correctional Institute.

2003 - Susan Smith submitted a personal ad to a pen pal site.

Due to public outcry it was swiftly withdrawn but the ad did generate
interest and results. There are people online today who are seeking
to contact Smith.

In the book, "Beyond All Reason: My Life with Susan Smith" David
Smith tells the readers about his visit in jail with Susan three weeks
after her confession. Smith had asked to see David. "I felt I had to
see her."

It was breathtaking to see her, the murderer of my children, for the
first time since she'd confessed. "Why in the name of heaven didn't
you just give the kids to me?" "You broke my heart. You ripped my
life away."

Although she apologized again and again for killing the children, Susan
Smith did not, and has not, answered that question.

Smith has complained that her feelings were overshadowed by everyone
else's grief.

What chilled David Smith the most was this statement "David, when I get
out...if I get out of here, I hope that maybe we can get back together and
have more kids."

That May, their divorce was final.
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