Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The only good news coming out of the search for Caylee Anthony
has been that a lot of people, some from other states, gave money,
food, water, or their time out of the goodness of their hearts to
bring this little girl home.

Out of the document dump there's a few more bits of information
to leave you shaking your head either in disbelief or disgust.

Casey Anthony related to Jose Baez, her attorney, that "she had
5,000 and he would be paid 1,500 of it and the rest once

she was out of jail." Of course, according to her father George,
Casey didn't, and doesn't have, 5,000.

Also according to George Anthony, he and Cindy were the primary
caregivers of Caylee 99% of the time. Casey often dropped Caylee
off with her mother Cindy at her place of employment so she
could "go to work." When Cindy Anthony took a week's vacation
in June this year she and George had Caylee every day and night
of the first week. They even postponed a visit out of town to his
parents because they were caring for the little girl.

Apparently little Caylee was, in his words,"like a sponge" learning
new words and could turn the television on. Cindy stated that Caylee
was almost potty trained. She also provided LE with Caylee's DNA
and the footprints and fingerprints she had done when Caylee a year
old. Casey told DCFS that her method of disciplining Caylee was to
"sit her down and "speak to her." Cindy stated she bathed
Caylee and saw no bruises or unexplained marks on the child.

In meetings with the DCFS (Dept. of Child & Family

Casey Anthony met the investigators with a smile and was
adamant that her mother Cindy butt out. This was her show.

She claimed there had not been a falling out with her parents, she
was just "living with her boyfriend."

According to investigators Casey was cool, smooth, and
detached emotionally. She also referred to her daughter Caylee
as "that child."

She claimed "I could get over emotional about "this whole
thing" but then I wouldn't be able to communicate what
needs to be said. She wasn't defensive until she spoke about OCSO
(Orange County Sheriffs Office).

Casey talked about all the missing children in FL and the USA. She
"felt proud" that a search for Caylee in one area turned up a child
that was missing. She stated she has enjoyed working with
all the agencies and volunteers looking for her child and that
is going to be "her new vocation in life."

Casey claimed that Caylee's father was a young man she'd known in
middle school who'd moved to Kentucky, but they had kept in touch
and later hooked up and then Caylee was born.

Although she had previously claimed the father wanted nothing to
do with Caylee, she told the investigators that "Eric" didn't provide
traditional support but had set up a "trust fund" for Caylee which
he contributed into until his death. When DCF stated it would be
important if her parents or the father's relatives in KY could also
receive some closure, Casey stated "the father's family is now
in Italy." She refused to provide his last name.

On each interview Casey steadfastly insisted that she'd left Caylee
with the babysitter, and denies doing anything to the child, or doing
anything wrong. When asked why she needed a babysitter if she
wasn't working, Casey stated she was "employed seasonally at
Universal Studios."
The same lie she'd told LE, the same
tale they'd already proved was a lie and she had already
had admitted to be a lie.

Anthony claimed that after discovering Caylee was missing she
"began retracing her steps." When this didn't work she "came
home and told her parents." She totally disregarded the
fact that investigators have the police report and that
her mother Cindy had tracked her down, brought her
home and only after being pressed for Caylee's where
abouts by her brother Lee did she come up with the
story that Caylee was kidnapped.

Despite being told by the investigators that the general public
views her as a villain and that her life will never be the same
Casey blithely stated that she has two web sites dedicated
to Caylee where people have been responding, and even the
media has been starting to give her more "positive"

press coverage.

Talk about delusion - and I don't mean she's crazy, insane or
otherwise mentally deficient. She is indeed a chameleon.
With the Grund family she was the good mother and homebody.
Around her friends she was the good mother and generous friend.

Her new friends of recent months knew her as a good mom and a
party animal. They ignored or forgave many of her lies and stealing.
To her family she was not only their daughter and sister that they
loved, but she was a thief and a liar and an irresponsible mother
to her child.

In the presence of her lawyer she dressed the part of the serious
minded legal assistant. In jail she's the good inmate who gives
no trouble.

During the trial we'll probably see the legal assistant, but if
she's convicted she'll find in prison that child murderers,
especially mothers who murder, are on the low end of the
hierarchy. The jeers and catcalls she gets in the local jail will
be nothing compared to the epithets and cruel jokes she'll
experience. Her name will be a number. her life will be
structured, measured, and to the other inmates, meaningless.

Will she morph into the persona of a tough, hardened inmate?

Time will tell.