Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dr. Henry Lee on board for Casey Anthony

What? Is he going to spew ketchup into the sunfire?

Make inappropriate flat jokes while he's testifying?

Dr. Henry Lee used to have my, and others, respect
until we saw him testify in several cases in the past
two years.

Most recently was the Lana Clarkson case where Lee
testified for Phil Specter at his first trial.

Judge Fidler ruled that Dr. Henry Lee "either hid
or accidentally destroyed key evidence in that murder

His flippant testimony in that case and the instance
of spewing ketchup on the witness stand in another
case really struck a lot of views wrong. He was
supposed to testify but conveniently indisposed
overseas all of a sudden and didn't return to the stand.

It's a shame when someone who provides "expert"
testimony begins to have a swelled head and ego
and tailors their testimony to whoever is paying them
instead of the truth.

On Nancy Grace, guest forensic pathologis Kobi
told NG and the audience that the smell came from
a once living life form - not pepperoni pizza.

Personally, Kobi has more credibility than Lee at this
point and with Lee, I'm waiting to see what new stunt
he pulls.