Sunday, November 16, 2008


UPDATE: August 30, 2010 - Lynn Turner commits suicide
in prison cell.

September 15, 2010 - Toxicology reports -
John Bankhead (Spokesman - Georgia Bureau of Investigation)
"Blood tests indicate convicted murderer Lynn Turner
killed herself with an overdose of blood pressure medication.
Turner may have hoarded the prescribed medication. She had
to know what she was doing. If there's anybody out there that
would have known how to kill or poison a person, it would be
Lynn Turner."

Dr, Kris Sperry (State's Chief Medical Examiner)
"Turner died from an overdose of the blood pressure medication
propanolol which she was prescribed. Toxicology studies revealed
that Ms. Turner had a lethal levelof this drug in her blood indicating
that she had ingested an amount well above the prescribed dose.
Her death would have been much quicker and less painful (than
that of the men she poisoned with ethylene glycol). She took more
than twice the lethal dose. The death is being classified as a suicide."


The many faces of double murderer Lynn Turner. Mug shot photo

Booking photo

Lynn Turner is incarcerated at the Metro State Women's Prison
at Atlanta, Georgia and serving two consecutive life without parole
prison terms for the anti-freeze poisoning of Glenn Turner and
Randy Thompson.
State of Georgia vs Lynn Woman Turner
a repository of documents, motions and orders on the case.

Turner's convictions are under appeal.
Lynn Turner's lawyer have petitioned the Georgia Supreme Court
in an attempt to overturn her conviction. Atlanta attorney Don

"The judge in that case was wrong to let the jury hear details
the anti-freeze poisoning about her boyfriend 6 years later. The judge
"should not have alllowed it because the reasons stated for doing so
did not establish a logical connection between the two murders."

The trial court should not have allowed friends of Glenn Turner to
testify about statements he made before he died, including warnings
that if anything ever happened to him, they should investigate his wife."

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