Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caylee Anthony - Casey Anthony - The Saga Continues

While good hearted people struggle to keep Caylee Anthony the
focus of the case and are actively searching for her, Casey
Anthony and her lawyers are intent on keeping the spotlight on
(sarcasm here!) poor victimized Casey.

Casey's accusation against "a" Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez
heaped ridicule, scorn and distrust upon a woman of that
name who was questioned by police, destroying her
reputation. Zenaida F. Gonzalez's attorney feels she has a
viable case and advised filing suit against Casey Anthony
and she did so.

So now Casey Anthony has countersued, claiming Zenaida
Gonzalez's suit has been filed basically to harass and other-
wise embarass Casey Anthony. Oh, and to cash in on the
notoriety of the case. Anthony is suing Gonzalez for "more
than" $15,000 in damages.

As if Casey Anthony could be embarassed!

Casey Anthony wasn't embarassed when:

She was photographed peeing in a parking lot while drunk;
She was passed out in a car from too much drink;
She was plopped on the floor in front of a toilet gracing the
porcelain bowl.

She became the recipient of scorn and disgust by those
those around the nation, much less the world who are
following the story and worried about Caylee Anthony.

When she lied to police officers;
When she waited 31 days to "not" report her
child missing;

When she stole from her family, her friends and acquaintances
or when she lied to them.

She wasn't apologetic or embarassed when she lied to Jesse
Grund and his family falsely claiming he was the father of
her child Caylee;

When she spouts the ever changing story of who the father is,
or where his family is located;

When she spews various versions of what happened to Caylee
or where she is.

(Sarcasm) Yeah, good luck with that lawsuit Casey.

I'm cheering for the Gonzalez side.