Friday, November 28, 2008


Police in the investigation of Anne Pressly's death are
saying that they don't feel Curtis Vance was stalking
Anne prior to the attack, nor did she know her attacker.
Rather that Vance saw her as a random opportunity and
acted. He has given a DNA sample and it is a match for
that found at the crime scene.

Fox news reported that Anne Pressly may have
bitten her attacker and that's where the DNA may have
come from.

At Vance's arraignment today he was sent back to jail with
no bond and another hearing will be set soon.

As to motive -he's described as "not being forthcoming
with information." Unless Vance provides answers,
that may never be known.

It's reported that Vance has no records of prior violent
behaviour and only had traffic violations which resulted
in his license being suspended.

Sheanika Cooper's mother, Valerie Cooper spoke to the
media saying "He has a real nice personality. He didn't
give me no kind of hint or nothing. It shocked me and
he wouldn't do that. It's a tough pill to swallow. I don't
want to believe he did something like that. It's a sad day,
it's so sad."

He didn't seem like he would do nothing like that because
he's so quiet and sweet to his kids. He loved my daughter

Guy Cannady, Anne's father stated "It's very difficult to
look at the picture, just knowing what Anne went through,
that that was the last guy that Anne saw in her life. This
does not take the pain away. It's tough to see the face of
the man that is capable of a heinous and violent criminal

"What I would say to him in private isn't appropriate for