Saturday, November 29, 2008


April of 2008 in Marianna, Arkansas a woman alone,
secure in her home, woke up from her slumber, and
decided to shower. That's when her nightmare

Her assailant raped her at gunpoint and then
demanded money. The woman, a teacher,
only had $3.00 in the house. The perp took
the money and then took off. The woman
was unable to see her attacker's face
throughout her ordeal.

Marianna Police had been seeking the perp
in the unsolved crime and were seeking to
match the DNA evidence from the crime.
This week there was finally a match - Curtis
Lavelle Vance.

Vance spoke to Little Rock Police down at the
Marianna Police Dept. and while there
investigators asked him for a DNA sample,
which he gave.

That was on Tuesday. By Wed. they had
a match and were looking for him to arrest
Vance. That's when the news conference came
into play and tips poured in.

Fox News reported that a "source" told them
that a "lot of semen" and blood, possibly Vance's,
was found at Ann Pressly's home as well as
footprints and fingerprints. The "source" also
said that Ann had desperately fought for her life.

Vane is now on the hook for rape and residential
burglary for the Marianna assault and capital
murder (& possibly other charges) for the
brutal slaying of Anne Pressly.

Police are now investigating to see whether he
was involved in other crimes.

They believe he's the perp who was hanging
around people's homes and yards and
neighborhoods and then committing burglaries.