Thursday, November 27, 2008

More New Documents Released in Anthony Case

Casey Anthony has lied so much for so long that
it'd be a wonder if anyone believed her if she said
the sky was blue... even if it was blue.

In this newest release of documents there are more
revelations that add to the extreme skepticism
many of us have about anything Casey Anthony has
to say to anyone.

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Casey Anthony's accusations of inappropriate sexual
advances on the part of her brother Lee Anthony,
and her father, George Anthony are to many nothing
more than the extension of her scheming falsehoods.
Even her own mother didn't believe her accusations.

Others more sympathetic choose to believe her
accusations are real and explain her past and current
behaviour, seeing and diagnosing symptoms in what
they read about, or see in photos of Casey Anthony.

Yes, it is possible, but it's also just as likely that they
were made out of revenge. It'll be sorted out in
court surely, but one thing is clear - if the accusations
are unfounded - Casey has still tarred her brother
and father with an unsavory brush, and even if
it's proved false, some will always believe it.

These accusations stem from a self centered 22 year
old who created not just lies, but elaborate lies &
has claimed: She hates her father.

*Jesse Grund was the father of Caylee - he wasn't.
*George had a stroke - he didn't.
*George had an affair.
*George was fixing/buying her a new car.
*Zenaida was in an accident, in the hospital
& Casey couldn't come home
*Zenaida was watching her child for 2 + years.
*Zenaida took her child.
*Zenaida has a lot of money.

Anyone having a lot of money is going to be babysitting?

*She was buying her parent's house.
*Amy was to move in with her - she had no intention
of that.
*Juliette Lewis at Universal - didn't exist.
*Casey had a private office at Universal.
*Jeff Lewis. He exists, but was fired in 2002, he didn't
and doesn't have a son.
*She has 5,000 in her account & Baez will get 1500 of it,
the rest when she was freed.
*She was going to college.
*She wasn't pregnant - yet she was.

The list is much longer but you get the picture.

A pathological liar who lies compulsively on the fly to suit
whatever scenario is needed at the moment to make her
a sympathetic figure, a high flying diva with money, a
viable catch; etc.

But it's almost a sure bet that her attorney Baez will use
those accusations in court in an attempt to justify, excuse,
and paint little miss liar as a more sympathetic figure.

Ask any survivor of abuse - no excuse, including
abuse is justification for ditching your child, nor reporting
the child gone, or murdering the child and covering it up.