Monday, October 20, 2008

UPDATES: The Murder for Breast Implants Plot

If you thought the story was already bizarre, you haven't seen
anything yet!

Local Colorado news outlets have reported that several weeks before
the plot to murder Hyun Sook Weis was uncovered, she had already
bailed her son, Nikita Lee Weis, out of jail. Not only that, but she'd been
helping him out by providing him with money.

Why did he end up in court you ask? For attempted kidnapping with a
deadly weapon
. The victim? He'd assaulted Sophia Alsept. Yep. The same
erstwhile siren who wanted so desperately a new boob job.

It seems Alsept has been wanting bigger breasts for awhile and Nikita
hatched the not so bright idea to give his not quite sexy siren an
"I'm sorry for beating your ass gift." He decided that the quickest
way to get back into her good graces was to off his mother, steal
her money and give Sophia the plumped up bazooms to enhance her thin
frame. Local Court records allegedly show that Juan Gonzalez and Brandon
Soroka, the pals Nikita recruited to do the deed, both attacked Hyun Weis
with a baseball bat.

Nikita apparently is like many young'uns in that he underestimated and
misjudged his mother's reactions.

Not only did she not meekly submit to being beaten on the head with a
to summon help, she actually chased one Nikita's pals out of the house and
threw a teapot at his dumb ass!

Feisty Hyun Weis is doing okay, but it's doubtful she ponied up the bail
money this time.

Plastic Surgery as a Motive in Attempted Murder Saturday, September 27, 2008