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Lisa Michelle Lambert is currently incarcerated at Massachusetts Correctional
Institute at Framingham, Framingham, Massachusetts serving life without
for first degree murder of 15 year old Laurie Show.

Lambert was convicted on July 20, 1992 for the December 19th, 1991 stalking,
and brutal stabbing murder. Investigators for the defense stated that it'd
been brought to their attention by those they'd interviwed that "Lisa Lambert
was a serious liar and very good at it." Between her various changing stories
about the killing, claims against her co-conspirators/killers, and her claims
against local police officers who were investigating the murder, Lambert has
certainly lived up to those claims.

Lambert was previously incarcerated in Cambridge Springs Correctional
Facility, Pennsylvania but was transferred to Clinton, New Jersey, then to
the Women's Correctional Facility at Baylor, Delaware. Later she was
transferred to Framingham, Massachusetts.

Lambert's co-conspirators Tabitha Buck was convicted of second degree murder
and received a life sentence. Lawrence Yunkin intially received a year in prison
under a plea bargain, but that deal fell through because of his perjury and he
was sentenced to 10 to 20 years. Yunkin served 12 years and was released in

1992: Lambert filed post verdict motions claiming that her conviction was
"against the weight of the evidence."

1994: The physical findings at the crime scene, the testimony at trial of the
defendant, the trial testimony of Hazel Show, the history of ill will between
defendant and the victim and the circumstantial evidence developed at trial
all lead to the conclusion that defendant was guilty of the murder of Laurie

1996: Lambert filed a lawsuit claiming that prison guard James Eicher had
attacked her six times during 1994, and that another official had fondled her.
Further, that she was videotaped during a strip search. Eicher was convicted
of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to two years in prison.

1997: Lambert was freed briefly when a federal district judge ruled that
Lambert was "actually innocent." A Federal Appeals court overturned the
ruling and Lambert was returned to prison. The court found that Lambert
had brought her case to the Federal Courts prematurely without exhausting
her opportunities for appeal in Pennsylvania.

1997: Lisa Lambert's appeal - DENIED

1998: Conviction upheld, Lambert's claim that she was framed by prosecutors

1998: Request for release during appeal- DENIED

2003: Eight Law Enforcement Officers cleared of misconduct in Lambert's case.

2005: Appeal to the Supreme Court - Supreme Court refused to hear her case.
Incarcerated in Clinton, N.J. Lambert has now exhausted all of her
appeals. She will continue to serve out her life sentence.

2007: A Lancaster County judge has determined that a civil lawsuit filed by
State Correctional Institution-Cambridge Springs inmate Lisa Michelle Lambert
against administrators at the facility for allegedly failing to prevent her from
being sexually abused by employees was scheduled to be heard by a jury.

2007: The state of Pennsylvania has decided to settle a lawsuit brought by
convicted killer Lisa Michelle Lambert, who claimed she was sexually assaulted
by guards at the Cambridge Springs State Correctional Institution. The civil
lawsuit had been placed on hold until Lambert had exhausted all of her appeals
in her criminal case. The money, $35K, will go to pay court costs, restitution,
and if any is left, will go to Lambert's parents, who are raising her and Lawrence
Yunkin's daughter.


Law Enforcement Officers who investigated the case:
"Six months before the murder, three East Lampeter cops gang-raped me."
"They're really after me because one of the rapists is the father of my child."
"I think that the police officers are afraid that my daughter is one of their
children. That's what I think."

REALITY CHECK: Lawrence Yunkin "I got court records that 99.98
percent changes that I'm the father. I mean you can't get any closer than that.
(Roche BioLawrmedical Laboratories)

The Officers were investigated and cleared, and one Officer in particular
who was targeted by Lambert was proven to be on his honeymoon.

At the time of the trial Lambert claimed Yunkin wasn't present.

By 1992 Lambert claimed : "I took the blame for Butch because I was afraid
of him. He pushed me around, he slapped me. I was scared. I thought he'd hurt
our baby. He told me to take the blame because I'd get less time than him.
He promised me that. He begged me, he ordered me, he told me I had to do it.

"The story by the prosecution that I pursued her or stalked her is ludicrous.
Basically, she had tried a number of times to kick me in the stomach, and I
would just push her back. She would just yell at me and try to kick me, and I
pushed her back. And that is the worst thing I ever did was push her back."

" they had only intended to cut off hanks of Laurie's hair, as a prank."
"When Tabby Buck's attack turned brutal, I tried to drag Laurie
away but then fled the apartment in terror."

Forrest Sawyer, journalist asked Lambert about Laurie Show's death:
Lambert: "It's very sad."
Sawyer: "you do not look sad."
Lambert: "I'm very sorry about what happened, but I wasn't the cause of it.
I don't know what else to say."

"In prison, you have to watch what you say."

Laurie Show's aunt: "Lisa Michelle Lambert has never
once expressed regret, remorse or sympathy for the loss
of Laurie Show."

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