Saturday, September 27, 2008

Plastic Surgery as a Motive in Attempted Murder

. Weis gets 12 years, Alsept gets 2 under
a plea deal.

For some reason that night Hyun Weis of Fountain, Colorado didn't answer the
knocking at the door to her home. Luckily, as it turns out. As Hyun went
through her daily routine the next day, she had no idea how bizarre her world
was about to become.

The evening of 25th Sept. 2008 she was preoccupied with cooking dinner for
her 18 year old son Nikita. A man in black entered the home and rushing into
the kitchen began to assault and beat Hyun about the head. His weapon? A small
wooden bat.

Hyun, frightened still kept her cool enough to reach for and mash the panic button
on her car keys which caused her car alarm to go off. Her attacker panicked and ran.

Why didn't her able bodied son Nikita defend her?

Nikita Weiss and Sophia Alsept
Because he was plotting her death.

It seems Nikita was enamored of an older woman... all of 21 years old.
Nikita Weiss and Sophia Alsept had fouly plotted murder.
They enlisted the aid of two other young men,
Juan Antonio Velez Gonzalez age 18,
and one Brandon Michael Soroka age 19.

Nikita, probably without a cent to his name, offered 7,000 bucks for them to do
the dirty deed. Alsept and Soroka hid outside the house while Gonzalez entered
Hyun's home to assault her. Once she was dead Soroka would help prepare and
dispose of the body.

Hyun Weis's grave was to be a remote area locally or in one of two nearby states.
Her grave shroud to be plastic wrap.

While Police were investigating at the scene, Nikita and Alsept "returned" to the
scene. Perhaps more than just Gonzales, the attacker panicked and ran? The two
claimed to have been held at gunpoint but eventually fessed up.

The motive? To sell Hyun's vehicle and get access to her bank accounts.

Nikita and Nicole Alsept didn't wish to be evicted from their love nest. Oh, and
Nicole was lusting after plastic surgery. She wanted breast implants to plump up
her boobs.

All of these would be killers are facing conspiracy to first-degree murder charges.

A steep price to pay for a would be siren's boob job plans.

UPDATE: At first Law Enforcement were calling this a murder for hire but are
now classifying this as a murder conspiracy.

The weapon was a small wooden souvenir bat. Hyun Weis was briefly treated at
hospital and then released. She has refused to comment and is understandably
still shaken.