Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Convicted Con Neil Entwistle gets conned by fellow cons

Neil Entwistle, who was convicted of the double murder
of his wife Rachel and child Lillian, is sporting a new look.
Seems he fell for a skin head prank set up by his fellow
inmates. Boston Globe reported that the skin heads
promised to protect him so he shaved his head. Trouble is,
they were joking.

UPDATE: The above photo is a representation of what Neil
would look like without his hair. Apparently he used a razor and
did a pathetic job shaving his head, leaving tufts.

Welcome to life in the big house Neil.

UPDATE: Neil Entwistle, inmate in Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center
in Shirley, Massachusetts, has a new attorney for his appeals process.
Well known Attorney Stephen Paul Maidman has taken over for Elliot
Weinstein who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Btw, Neil had a birthday. Last week he turned 30 behind bars.