Monday, September 15, 2008

Protesting at Caylee Anthony's Grandparents

I'd promised myself I wouldn't blog about this case until
something more substantial and newsworthy such as
evidence or new developments arose. But events this
weekend prompted me to add my two cents into the

I have no problem with any individual
excercising their right to protest. However, I've been
watching and reading about some of the "protests"
that have been occurring outside George and Cindy
Anthony's home. I find them not only ludicrous
but presumptuous and some, down right ignorant.

First off, what are they protesting?

Some presume to say "we're the voice for Caylee Anthony."
Sorry, but Law Enforcement has that role at this point.

Others claim in loud tones (written or vocal) "Casey Anthony
should be in jail!" Yeah, well, she has the right to due process
and that means being out on bail, home confinement, whatever,
the same as the rest of us. We're supposed to deny her any
civil rights she has simply because of our opinions? No
thanks. That's not what many fought and died for. Despite my
dislike or opinion that Casey Anthony is a liar, and possibly,
most likely, a child killer, her right to due process is a
fundamental right that all accused persons have.

Some cry out "they're harbouring a killer!" That's our opinion at
this point, our gut belief that she is a killer. However, she's not
been convicted of that as yet.

Another point is that this is her home. Whether or not Cindy A.
was going to kick her out in order to force her to grow up
(based on a counselor's advice) or not, that has been Casey's
home for 22 years and that is her family.

Where do people expect her to go? (Other than back
to jail). "A safe house" they claim. At who's expense?
The tax payers of Fla? "The parents!" Well, the parents
are footing the bill. As long as Casey is in their home
they feed her, clothe her etc. Until and unless she's
convicted of her crimes it's fine with most that they
pay for her upkeep. Then the Fla. taxpayers will take

Her friends are all potential witnesses at her trial for
financial fraud, child neglect and perhaps in future a murder
trial. Her grandmother's? Casey stole money from
them and it's not likely she'd have a wonderful reception

They're overlooking one big important elephant in the room.
The court monitors where Casey Anthony is and a
determination was made that it would be best that she be
on home confinement at her parent's home in order to
facilitate that. You know, easily found if they decide to
bring her in for violation of confinement or arrest.

In addition there's the outrage that Casey Anthony seems
to spend an inordinate amount of time at her lawyer's office.
If the court hadn't approved it, she wouldn't be there. Okay,
none of us believe they're working on her case that many
hours, especially for neglect or fraud. But there will be
no way she can claim in future that she was denied
reasonable access to her attorney to plan her defense.

Some have said "The Anthony's need to leave their home and
go somewhere else!" Yeah right. Would they leave their homes
in the same situation? The Anthony's own their home and have
the right to their house and grounds just like the rest of America.

Why should they "leave" their home just because people who
are aware of tv cameras want their five minutes of fame?
Then there's the old "they should stay inside." Surrre.
I'm sure they'd take that advice if the shoe was on their foot.
The A's have the right to go outside their home and as far
as I've heard, they're not the ones on house confinement.
They've been criticized for everything under the sun,
every word, every movement, every moment. Despite
everything they are entitled to go on with their lives.

If they lose their tempers and respond to those who
are there yelling obscenities and nasty remarks,
the protesters have achieved their goal, of provoking
them. Perhaps they'd be better served by not responding.

But I admit if a bunch of looky loos were doing that
to me I'd be turning the sky bluer with my responses.
Likely some of those saying the A's shouldn't respond
would be doing the same thing, responding.

I don't agree with some things they've said or
done, but that's my opinion. That said, it's their
lives, not mine. Because of their daughter Casey's
actions, normalcy isn't something they'll ever have
again but they have the right to try and achieve it.

Once the trial(s) begin the merry go round is going to
go full speed and the media coverage will be even more
intense. Their every eye flick will be debated.

What really got me was the protesters who brought a black
tombstone cutout to the A's home. What insensitive assholes
thought that one up? A child is missing and presumed dead by
many, but not by the grandparents, who are holding out
hope (misguided perhaps) that she's alive. And some dunderhead
waves a tombstone around. I don't fault the A's for being
upset. My attitude would have stunk if someone had done
that to me in the same situation.

Others dressed up in halloween costumes and paraded in front
of the tv cameras at the home. Not brave enough to show your
faces? A prank? Regardless it was tasteless and juvenile.

Now for the really stupid events that prompted
this entry.

Those who show up with children in tow late at night hoping
to provoke any member of the family into a row or simply
to be caught on tv, to be able to brag that they confronted
the A's.

And those dressing up dolls and little girls, their
own children with signs that say "how could you
kill someone like me?" Or something like it.
Yes, we all say "how could you" to Casey A. in regards
to what we all think she did to Caylee.

But to those women I also ask "how could you?"
Wouldn't your child be better served by you not
subjecting them to that? Did you explain to them
"we're going to protest at this bad lady's house and
you're going to wear a sign about death"?

These wankers really are the epitome of clueless and

What possesses such people? Sure, they want to make
their views known.

Okay, but for you to yell hateful things, accusatory
remarks and to allow frightened children who
are screaming, to be there? To allow your children
to curse and yell spitefully "I hope you die" commentary
to a total stranger? To have to be held back by one of
those accompanying you because you want to get
into fisticuffs?

And when your child gets his arm slammed in the car
door by your own stupidity in allowing them to be
there, you have the audacity to yell that you're taking
the kid to the ER and "the bitch is going to pay for it!"
Presumably meaning Cindy A will foot the hospital bill,
because if you mean that otherwise, as a threat, you're
no better than the person you are protesting about.

Get thee home and get your own house in order. See to
your children and set a better example! One other
than showing up to protest at a private citizen's home
solely in order to "punish them" because you can't get
at Casey Anthony. If you can't, perhaps Jerry Springer
or some show like that would be a better venue for spilling
your ire.

Because that's what is at the root of all these protests, even
the non-violent, peaceful ones. They're pissed that Casey
isn't talkin
g and telling where she left Caylee and in what

They think that by protesting outside her parents home
they'll somehow miraculously "break" Casey A. and "force"
her to talk.
If trained investigators in Law Enforcement
couldn't get her to spill what makes them think that they
are so special that they'll achieve it?? Leave the "breaking"
and investigating to trained professionals!

Then there are those who seem to spend every waking
moment on forums who state that they've neglected
their family, their household chores et al and that
they're not going any where until this case is solved.

As if their presence and commentary is going to make
a difference to when/how long it takes the Florida
FBI and local Law Enforcement to present a fully
investigated case to the DA.

Then there's my special beef about those who insert
themselves into an ongoing case, either by going
through a trash bag, or writing emails to LE in
order to try and get one of the Anthony family
cited or arrested because of something they
perceived they saw on tv/video or read on a

There have been plenty of incidents like
that during the Scott Peterson trial too. But still
people want to feel like they're part of the story.
Unless you have valid information, don't do it.
Law Enforcement has their hands full with this
case, they don't need armchair detectives telling
them how to do their jobs.

I've heard/read some who say "her parents should "force"
her to talk." Hmm, yeah. How? Beat her? Starve her?
Torture her? Deny her the bathroom?

Her lawyer has instructed her not to talk about Caylee to
anyone, especially her family. Her family has been
instructed not to talk to her about Caylee. That's also
part of her rights. She doesn't have to talk until or
unless she wants to. That doesn't mean I or you have
to like it, but that's the way it is. Yes, we have the right
to bitch and moan about it but just how far do these
people want them to go to "force" it out of her? To
the point of violating the law?

As a parent we all like to think we could get something
so serious out of our child. But until we find ourselves
in the same situation I doubt seriously we really know
the dynamics of what's going on there. Casey A.
has lied to her family and gone to great lengths to
lie to them and friends for all of her life it seems.
She knows damn well that her continued "freedom"
relatively speaking, depends on her keeping her
mouth shut. She's not stupid by any means, even
though we may perceive her to be.

So the protesters parade, yell and provoke while
some stand or sit quietly with signs at the Anthonys.
At times they block the roadway, disrupting
school buses and legitimate residents of the
area. Tour buses are driving through with
even more curious looky loos. People on
vacation ignore the delights of Florida to
come by and see, and be, part of the hoopla.

All in all I support their rights to protest, or to
gawk or make asses of themselves, but really,
what are they achieving?

Absolutely nothing.