Thursday, September 18, 2008

Protesters at the Anthony's in their own words

"It is my Constitutional right to be here," protester
Kathy Harris said. "I pay taxes the same way they do.
I do charity work all the time.
I'm a big child advocate."

"So, what job are you doing being out (at
Anthony home)," Local 6's Erik von Ancken asked.

"I am saying, 'I'm here for Caylee,'" Harris said.

"I will stand outside here every night of my life
until she comes out and says something,"
protester Ashley Pounds said.

Yeahhh and maybe she can join Cindy Anthony in pounding
the pavement, knocking on every door. Perhaps both of them
should give more than a moment's consideration about the rights
of those accused to have bail and to face a judge and jury not a
mob of self professed do-gooders jumping the gun on the legal

Standing outside the Anthony's house until WHO comes out?
Casey A? or Cindy A? Why? To provoke a reaction? If they
really think Casey Anthony is going to come outside and face
them and "say something" this protester and many others are
sadly mistaken.

The protesters admit to taunting and provoking the
family in the middle of the night.

"Just to protest, to see if we could break them down,"
protester Miriah Bounds. "I think it's starting to work.
He said for himself it's breaking his family apart.
So hopefully it breaks them all down."

Such a proud, proud thing to be thrilled for. (SARCASM)

Brian Bounds and his daughter Brooke were among
the group that yelled at the Anthonys, threw rocks
and coins at the house and beat on the garage door.

But they defended their actions once George Anthony
came outside.

"He come out at us in the wrong way," said Brooke Bounds.
"He come out with a bat, charging at us."

What do you expect him to do? He's defending his property.
What "way" did you want him to come out as? Angry, check.
Upset, check.

You wanted a reaction. You provoked one. You got one.
Then afterwards you whine and justify your silly assed actions
with smug satisfaction. And by the way, it was his wife who
brought out the baseball bat.