Thursday, August 07, 2008

Missing- Caylee Anthony

A child goes missing,
a tot who should
be safe.

And all around
spin lies.

A nation keeps
in concern
and dismay-
at a family
who tries
to defend
the indefensible...
a mother who
selfishly refuses

Caylee Anthony is still missing and the local LE
and FBI are investigating.

There are so many truths, half -truths and outright
lies that are being told in this saga, mostly by the
mother Casey Anthony.

It's my opinion that Casey has spent the majority
of her life manipulating her family with constant
(as she herself put it on myspace) DRAMMA!

The lies Casey Anthony has told regarding the
disappearance of Caylee are despicable.
First the child is with the "nanny" then the child
is "missing" then she's "kidnapped" or "kidnapped
by the babysitter/nanny."

Casey Anthony knows what happened to Caylee
and she 's not speaking because she wants to
avoid the punishment due to her for her
own actions. Neglect, obstruction of justice by
way of numerous false statements to LE, and
those are for starters. She stole money from
a friend and cleaned out her checking account.
Theft and possibly identity fraud.

Her parents had individually reported the
theft of their vehicle and of two gas cans.
There's no telling whether they've continued
with those claims or will.

Casey Anthony isn't going anywhere for
some time to come, the days of partying are
over for little miss "my mouth is shut" and IMO
she's where she should be.