Monday, August 18, 2008

Caylee Anthony - Casey Anthony continues to refuse to speak

A possible five to six years stretch in prison for
neglect and other charges against Casey Anthony
is probably more palatable to her than a murder
rap. That's one possible reason she's not speaking,
trying to avoid as much punishment as possible
is another.

A neighbor of the Anthony's depicts
Casey Anthony as a person who will lie
in the face of the truth.

Casey Anthony was confronted by the
neighbor because her dog was utilizing their
lawn to do it's necessary business. Despite
the dog being on a leash, which was held in
Casey's hand, Casey blatantly lied saying
"It's not my dog."

In light of that, one wonders how she views
Caylee now that she's missing.

The longer this saga goes on and details change,
the more fantastic her tale of a kidnapping
becomes. It's also less likely the child will
be recovered alive.

When LE asked Casey Anthony where she
was employed lied to them. She told the
officers she worked at Universal. Not content
with the lie, she followed up with details, telling
them about her personal office etc..

Then she had the gall to lead them with
confidence through a security post where she
lied to the guard that she'd "lost" her pass.
Down the hallways she led them until she
stopped and admitted that she wasn't
employed there and hadn't been for
two years.

That's ab-so-lute-ly BRAZEN.

IF she ever begins to speak about what happened
to little Caylee, I seriously doubt that whatever she
says will be the full truth....ever.

With all the psuedo celebrities flocking to the
area in order to garner their own publicity
in connection with this case, it's easy for
the public to lose sight of the real reason
for all this media frenzy.

A selfish, self-serving, stubborn bitch (I refuse
to give her the title of mother) refuses to admit
that she alone is responsible for the disappearance
of, and quite probably death, of a precious little
3 year old child, Caylee Anthony.

By her silence Casey is denying the child the dignity
of being found and given a proper burial, if indeed
she is dead. Her silence denies those who loved her
the chance to say goodbye.