Monday, September 08, 2008

Caylee Anthony - Missing

The photographer who captured this
photo provided us a glimpse at the
real Casey Anthony. Not the stoic
stone faced Casey but the one who
loves attention.

Casey Anthony appears to be delighted at all the attention
she's garnering and the chaos surrounding her movements.
In her mind she's famous but in truth she's

Casey Anthony is a liar, proven so by her own words to
law enforcement, family and friends. That and the fact
that she claims her daughter has been missing for 31
days without notifying LE is at the core of why many
are following this case in the news media.

There are many cases that grab the national attention
causing true crime readers and sleuthers to become
active and participate in searches for a missing person
or to obsess on message boards until a case is resolved.
And this case is no different. Yet there seems to be
in this case a higher emotional quotient involved.

There are folks who picket outside the Anthony house
yelling and screaming for the grandparents to force
their daughter to tell the truth. People who make
up dolls to resemble little Caylee and put signs on
them or worse, have small children carrying signs.

The Anthony's haven't endeared themselves to the
public with their erratic behaviour but after weeks
of strangers disrupting the neighborhood and
directing their anger at the parents, it's quite
understandable that they'd be even more defensive
and angry at being targeted for harassment.

At the center of all this vitriol is Casey Anthony
herself who's seemingly loving all the attention,
negative or otherwise, despite being arrested
and charged for her criminal activities.

Her willingness to create elaborate lies with
a myriad of details is astonishing. Her friends
(perhaps now former friends) have told LE
that Casey has practiced towards them
oneupmanship or told fantastic lies.

Casey led her friend Amy H. to believe that she
(Casey) was going to buy her parents home and
that they could move into the house together as

Casey cited her dad's ongoing projects of fixing up
the property, ie.. landscaping as a reason for
continually postponing the move. Later Casey
blamed her mother for pulling out of the deal.

Only when Amy spoke to Cindy on the day that
Cindy tracked down Casey with Amy's help
(and called 911) did she find out that there had
been no plans to turn over the
house to Casey and never would be. When
confronted about this Casey made no response
and didn't apologize to her friend for her deceit.

That was also the date Amy found her checkbook
had been used by Casey to clean out her (Amy's)
bank account. Previously Casey had "borrowed"
money from Amy to fix her vehicle which turns
out not to have been in need of repair.

Casey Anthony has stolen and lied to people
close to her or related to her without any
regard for their feelings or well being.

Her own elderly grandparents were the recipients of
Casey's cold hearted behaviour. Taking the routing
number from a birthday check she stole a large
amount of money from her grandmother. Cindy
Anthony replaced the money, tapping into and depleting
her 401k. Casey attempted to steal from
her grandfather's account which was linked to the
nursing home in which he resides.

Amy told LE that Cindy A. told her that Casey had
ruined her (Cindy's) credit and stole her credit
cards, running up huge debts.

Creating elaborate emails from fake persons
Casey created proof of "work" from the job she
had been fired from two years previously. She
used those emails to convince everyone she
was employed.

These actions aren't the sign of someone who
didn't know what they were doing, or someone
who was insane. Rather it is the actions of a
person who is calculating and is very
much aware of their self interest.

Thus her deliberate silence on the matter
of when and where little Caylee ended up
missing, and what happened to her.

Looking at her smirk in the photo I get
the distinct impression she's loving every
minute of this insane circus.

Hopefully valid evidence will be presented
to a jury who will put her behind bars for a
long time.

As for wiping that smirk off her face with a
long sentence, I doubt that will ever happen.
Casey Anthony believes she's a celebrity.