Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recent cases in the news


The news has been full of coverage about the missing little
girl Caylee in Florida. Like many I've listened to and watched
the mother and grandmother of the child and I was appalled at
what I was hearing.

According to former police officers, the mother's attitude
is nothing short of sociopathic and narcisstic. And the
grandmother isn't any better. I understand her need
to believe her daughter isn't capable of something
heinous but her statements only serve to make
others believe she knew something long before
she called 911.

Even if Caylee is alive, what fears and events
has the child experienced being separated from
her family?

Why these grandparents and other family members
didn't pick up the phone and notify LE as soon as
the mother didn't give them straight, honest answers
about the child's whereabouts is a baffling mystery,
and a decision they'll have to live with forever if the
child isn't recovered alive.

The statements, lies and tales of the mother are
disturbing and the whole situation doesn't bode
well or provide much hope that the child is alive.

Is this another case of a husband who's murdered
his wife? Or is he another "unlucky" person
going through a contentious separation/divorce
who's wife was murdered?

Nancy Cooper reportedly went jogging
that morning (according to her husband Brad) with
a woman named Carrie. Yet that person reportedly
had no plans to jog with Nancy and indeed she and
her friend and usual jogging running partner had
plans to paint a room. It was that friend who
called 911, not Brad Cooper.

Brad Cooper was the last person to see Nancy
Cooper alive. No one saw Nancy Cooper leave
her house, she didn't take her cell phone, wallet,
or her car. She normally took her car to a specific
location, parked and then ran near the lake.
Yet her body is found not too far from her own
home, nowhere near where she usually ran.

In a classic he said/she said drama,
affidavits were filed by her friends detailing
Nancy's comments regarding her fears and
her martial situation and Brad's previous
affairs. This was followed by Brad Cooper's
affidavits alleging events and actions and
a reported non-sexual affair of
Nancy's that are meant to tarnish her

Brad did not attend her memorial
services nor her funeral. Not even
to comfort his two daughters.

Regardless of how this turns out, there
are no winners. Nancy Cooper has lost
her life, and her precious daughters
have lost their mother, her parents
their daughter. Brad Cooper
will have lost his reputation and
if charged and convicted in her death,
his freedom.