Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Susan Atkins - Request for Release DENIED

Susan Atkins, Murderess, requested compassionate release
from prison due to terminal illness. Her husband and lawyer,
James Whitehouse (yes, she married her lawyer) has been
working with other attorneys in filing her appeals to the
parole board for years and was instrumental in this one.

At the time of trial Atkins and her co-horts had their chance
to speak and they abused the system. They chose to fire
their attorneys, make a mockery of the legal system,
spouting Charlie-isms and Manson family platitudes
among other disrespectful actions.

Susan Atkins herself showed no remorse for the heinous
acts that she committed. She bragged of them. Her entire
time within the prison system has been spent in litigation
or in railing against the California legal and prison system.
She and her supporters have repeatedly claimed she is a
political prisoner. That's a mockery of the term Political
Prisoner and makes a mockery of those persons who truly
were classified as such.

Now that she's 60 years old and in the hospital with brain
cancer, she wants to die in freedom. Free of prison cell
bars and guards.

Atkins should have accepted the fact that she was to DIE
for her crimes but due to legislation she was spared from
her rightful sentence. She and her co-horts were lucky in
that they got to live out their lives, albeit behind bars.
At least they were alive, which is more than can be said
for their numerous victims.

No, Atkins and Van Houten in particular are determined
to be free of their cell bars. They cannot and will not accept
that the majority of the public views their abhorrent crimes
with loathing. They cannot and will not accept that their own
behaviour today still reflects their behaviour of yesteryear,
thus making their claims of remorse and turning over a new
leaf suspect. Patrica Krenwinkle may have come to that
realization since she dropped some of her appeals to the
Parole Board, but make no mistake, she wants
out too.

Spare me the relentless rhetoric about the good Atkins or
Van Houten or Krenwinkle or their male co-horts in murder
have done behind bars!

All prisoners who set out to manipulate the system, all
those who guard them or have contact with them including
the parole board, tend to "get religion" and do good works
within their constraints. They join groups, further their
education and become obvious in their attempts to show the
world that they have changed and are not who they were x
amount of years ago.

Anyone who steps over that moral line to kill, not in self
defense or in an act of war, but for the thrill, still contains
within them that factor that they utilized at the time of the
murder to enable themselves to commit the act. It doesn't
go away just because they've been "good." Actually they
have no choice but to be good or they get prison privileges

Whatever one thinks of Linda Kasabian and her own actions
on the night of the killings, she told Charles Manson she couldn't
and wouldn't kill for him. "I'm not like you Charlie." She even
prevented one murder by leading Charles Manson, Patricia
Krenwinkle, Tex Watson, and Susan Atkins to a different apt.
and pretended the person they were looking for wasn't

Susan Atkins didn't prevent anything. She not only killed, but
she also taunted Sharon Tate. She tasted Sharon's blood and
reveled in her macabre actions. She claimed she had wanted
to cut out Sharon's child from her body.

Susan Atkins was a vile ghoul and no amount of shifting blame
to her childhood, her drug use, Charles Manson and his
manipulative ways will ever excuse her own actions!

Susan Atkins didn't have to get out of the car, lift the knife and
use it, chase those they killed, taunt or lick Sharon Tate's blood
or write Pig with it.

Atkins took the blood from Sharon Tate's still warm body with
her unborn child inside. In killing Sharon the baby also died
a horrible death.

Good works in prison do not ever excuse that. Not ever.

Atkins, her attorneys and supporters excuses are based on
money. They tout that the state would be saving millions if she
were to be set free, and that her family would foot the bill for
her costly medical care. The state has paid for her incarceration
and medical care ever since her conviction and incarceration and
they'll continue paying until her death behind bars. Figurative
bars at this point, but guarded none the less.

Her family can and probably will foot the bill of her burial.
Let them. In the meantime, a lot of taxpayers in California
are happy to see that Atkins never tastes another day of

Atkin's family

Steve Atkins said "he and his sister had been abused as
children. After Susan got in with Manson, she was lost to me.
Please let us be with Susan in private in her last days, to pray
with her and give our last good-byes."

There are millions of children and adults who were or are
abused and never, never do they go on to commit crimes
such as Susan Atkins did. Did he? I didn't think so.

Susan Atkins Whitehouse is in a hospital off of the prison
grounds where her family can visit with her. They can pray
with her there or outside her prison cell or hospital room.
They can "wave" goodbye through windows.

PRISONERS are not entitled to "privacy."

Sharisse Atkins, a neice, "She has without a doubt paid
her debt to society. You see her as part of the Manson family.
I see her as part of our family. I hope you can find it in your
heart to do the right thing."

IMO The Californa Parole Board "did the right thing." Until
Susan Atkins Whitehouse occupies a plot six feet under she
will NOT have paid her debt to society for her numerous

Sure, she'll always be a part of the Atkins family. A name on
their genealogy tree and a photo in their albums. I'd say that's
fair! After all, the families of those Atkins MURDERED were
reduced to that after Susan Atkins aka Sadie Mae Glutz now
Whitehouse wantonly killed and mutilated their beloved
family members!

The California Prison system says Atkins has about 6 months to
live. James Whitehouse claims she has 3 months, that she has
had one leg amputated and the other immobile. He claims she
can't snap her fingers and can't always talk etc.

Cancer of any kind isn't pretty. I've had family members
who have suffered greatly and died from cancer. Their
families suffered along with them. I have enormous sympathy
for those who suffer from Cancer.

Except for Susan Atkins. I have none. She had NO sympathy nor
mercy for a pregnant mother or for the other people she didn't
know yet participated in brutally murdering. She tore apart their
hopes,dreams, families and lives.

Her own family and supporters should remember that fact and
further recognize that the family members of her victims still
grieve, especially thanks to Atkins' continual appeals and legal
machinations. Because of her it is repeatedly made fresh in their
hearts and minds.

Now Susan Atkins expects mercy? Not from me. Not ever.


Jay Sebring's nephew Anthony DiMaria was eloquent when
he responded to James Whitehouse's comments regarding the
amount of money the State of California is spending to guard
his wife, the MURDERESS in her hospital bed.

"To sum up these murders in terms of cost efficiency trivializes
the victims' lives and the lifelong impact on the victims'families."

"In my mother's words, 'Susan Atkins repeatedly committed
crimes requiring full premeditation and executed them in a
cavalier manner that afforded her victims no mercy.
You will hear various opinions and perspectives today."

"But you will hear nothing from the many people
who lie in their graves."

Pam Turner (Sharon's cousin) "I was a child, but I was so sick
with grief that I wished I too could die." Sharon's mom "howled
like a wounded animal."

"She once put her hands on my pregnant belly and just cried.
She didn't have to say what she was crying for. I knew. She
was looking right through me and seeing Sharon and what
could have been."


The California Parole Board unanimously DENIED
the application and did NOT refer it to a Judge for
reconsideration. Atkins and her lawyers of course have
the right to resubmit the application but it is unlikely
that the board will reverse it's decision.


One of them filed a motion with the LA County Superior
Court on July 10th BEFORE the Parole Board had met or
made its decision asking Judge Wesley to release Susan
Atkins no matter what the Parole Board decided.


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger "Those kinds of crimes are
just so unbelievable, that I am not for compassionate release
in that case."

So much for an appeal to the Guv'nor!