Saturday, May 03, 2008

CPS and the Children of the FLDS

It's been on the news and most people had never heard
of the FLDS sect that had settled around Eldorado, TX,
that is, unless you followed the Warren Jeffs trial.

Before I start, I'm going to say, there are probably
quite a few FLDS members who don't abuse and who
don't like the edicts and extreme tenets of
the "visions" handed down by Warren Jeffs
or his father Rulon Jeffs. I suspect there
are some men and women in the FLDS who don't
wish their children to be forced into underage
marriages or to be thrown out onto the street
and to have no further contact with them.

BUT... that being said, being part of that
sect means one will naturally be tarred with
the same brush. Given that each member of the
FLDS is ordered and instructed to follow the
edicts of their leaders and to not do so
results in dire consequences, it's likely
the brush isn't being applied unfairly.

The net is full of information about the doings of
the FLDS, including the apocalyptic "world is ending"
edicts that were announced to the followers of the
sect. Rulon Jeffs and his son Warren Jeffs were
only the latest in a line of leaders who ruled
their "church" members with an iron hand and
used these announcements to play mind games
with their "church" members. These two took
the mind games further to the extreme than
those previously holding the spot at leader.

As far back as 1942 the members were persuaded
by the church leaders to place their homes and
properties, businesses and all their worldly wealth
into a collective trust fund, for the good of all
members. It was reported to be upwards of 200 million
in assets,yet now, after Rulon and Warren's tenure
as the "prophet" and "president," "seer," and the
"revelator" of the FLDS, the fund is depleted
and contains only about 110 million. The
court appointed administrator is busy trying
to "follow the money" trail in order to
restore the fund. Attorney Generals are looking
into offshore funds, financial mismanagement

This "church" no longer resembles anything
remotely like a religion. Restricting
people's emotions, their education, their
choices and many other actions have
made them into a cult, not a religion.

The leaders of the sect have plundered the
fund to enrich themselves and to live a
lavish lifestyle while commanding strict
obedience, subservience, forcing upon
them humiliation and demanding adoration of
their followers. Some of their women have
a vested interest in the lifestyle,
enjoying the cachet of being married to
the powerful within the sect. Many of
them have been repoted to be violent
towards others, whether ordered to do
so or upon their own volition.

The FLDS has systematically plundered a school
of its funds while its members sat on the school
board... even after the so called prophet yanked
all the FLDS children out of the school. Funds
meant to reach the teachers never appeared.
Instead, the board members guzzled the forbidden
beer and ordered up a plane for the use of
the members and more importantly, their prophet.
No other school district in AZ owned a plane.

Rulon Jeffs told his followers to max out their
credit cards, they wouldn't be held liable to
pay because.. "the end of the world was coming."
He instructed them to "borrow" in loans from
the Bank of Ephraim, again, not to worry,
the rapture is coming and they'll be lifted
up while the rest of us will perish. They will
then rule the earth being protected by
those of Indian extraction, but they'll never
have to pay those loans! The result.. the
bank failed, causing distress to citizens
of the area who were not FLDS and who lost
their hard earned money.

Warren Jeffs has instructed his followers to
not pay their taxes, nor to cooperate with
law enforcement, and what's more, he's
ordered them to lie.

His cruel and and vain pompous attitude and
the propogating of the lie that women are
not human beings with rights or feelings
makes him a despicable and vile being.
His treatment of the men of the sect,
(those who aren't his cronies) with his
capricious whims of reassigning their wives
and children to other men and kicking them
out of the "church" makes him even more vile.
He does this with no consideration to the
feelings, emotions or mental health of the
persons involved or their children.

He's sitting in another jail cell awaiting
trial in AZ, and he's facing Federal charges
on top of the ones Utah convicted him for.
He's where he deserves to be! Unfortunately
he'll never suffer the deprivations and
emotional distress he imposed upon others.

All the while referring to the rest of us as
being lesser to the FLDS, the FLDS members
"marry" numerous "wives" in addition
to a "legal" wife, happily sending them to
apply for welfare and other benefits.
One or two women watch the offspring while
the others go out to work, and all the money
is turned over to the man or to the
prophet directly. The man may or may not
work, depending on his status in the

What? No birth certificate (as practiced
by the sect), no social security no.?
No problem. He just sends them down to
the local Wic office, run by.. an FLDS
member. Want to throw a wife who you
deem rebellious into a mental facility?
Just call 911 or the local police or
sheriffs.. they're FLDS. No court
hearings, no competency hearing..
poof! They're held there as long as
you want.

Want some extra money? Kick your
son to the curb and collect Social
security funds for children under
16. Doesn't matter that he doesn't
live with you as the law says, who's
going to tell on you? The law? The
law is FLDS.

Got a problem in court? The Judge was FLDS
and a practicing polygamist until he was
removed, but his replacement FLDS
member, but not a practicing polygamist,
or so we're told.

Runaway girls or women who don't want to
be married to old vicious goats, or
to someone who'll drop a lawsuit against
you? Child or wife abuse? The local FLDS
cops won't report it. They'll pick them
up and bring them back to you so you can
punish them by locking them within a room,
depriving them of food, marry them off,
or adminster a beating.. or better yet,
get one of your wives to do it for you.

Now, IMO a man who wants numerous wives, and
if the women are willing, I have no problem
with that as long as the women CHOOSE to do
so and are not brow beaten into it at age
12 or 14 or 16 or whatever age.

However, when that same man begets
30-40 children, more or less, then he damn
well better be prepared to FINANCIALLY support
them all without tapping into the taxpayer funds
or the various other monetary scams this sect
seems to create or support.

The trafficking of young girls and women from
AZ, UT, TX, back and forth to Bountiful, B.C.
Canada and to Mexico for the purpose of becoming
"wives"; the underage marriages of young girls
younger than 16 to older men, their practice of
kicking out their young boys and men to lessen
the competition, leaving them on the side of the
road with scant education and no documentation
that would assist them in fashioning a life
for themselves is unconscionable.

Ruling by creating fear and paranoia and
all these practices combined with the above
mentioned actions and that makes for a CULT
and a criminal organization that feeds off the
taxpayers and is definitely not a religion
in my opinion.

CPS isn't always right, they're not always
the best, but for every bad apple we hear
about there are thousands more out there
trying to do the best for the children that
end up in the system. I read one person's
take on CPS saying, I thank CPS every day.
Where I ended up was better than where I was.
The children who've been removed by CPS
from this sect deserve to grow up without
being molested or beaten or intimidated.
They deserve to have a choice to marry or
not at an age where they can make a true
choice on their own and not be forced into

The Texas CPS and LE did what UT and AZ
should have done long before now. They've
just begun to make inroads by convictions
and investigating this unholy mess but
they've got a long way to go.

Granted, TX doesn't have the baggage the other
two states has with polygamy... but Warren
Jeffs and his pals made a big mistake when
they decided to mess with Texas.

This is clearly about stopping the abuse, and
the rights of the children versus those FLDS
members who cry "it's religious persecution."

They've opened themselves up to prosecution
by their own actions and has nothing to
do with polygamy or their beliefs in it.