Friday, March 07, 2008

Updates and commentary

For those following the Neil Entwistle case the trial
is scheduled to begin in June. The Defense's co-counsel's
medical situation warranted a delay.

The Prosecution has received records from an adult
sex/swinger company and its possible their focus
for the motive will be his extramarital activities.

Mary Winkler - Winkler is engaged in a custody
battle against Matthew Winkler's parents, who
currently have custody of the three children.
She will get a look inside the trust set up for those
children, and its the opinion of some, including myself,
that if it weren't for the trust fund MW wouldn't be
seeking custody. She's exhibiting an inability to
hold onto a job, living on other's charity, and, a danger
to those children. Who knows if she'll "snap" and "let
her ugly" come out again.

DEVON EPPS - Amanda Smith, the mother, had
her first court appearance with a court appointed
lawyer. Needless to say she wasn't thrilled to be
in jail or in court. The prosecutor said what
the majority of those following the case have
said all along "Amanda Smith is responsible for the
death of her son, Devon Epps."

She'll be standing trial for that murder and there will
be locals who have vowed to attend the trial and quite
likely will be providing updates on the Greenville online
forum for those who cannot attend.

Another case that will go to trial will be that of Erin Caffey,
a juvenile, and her three older friends who helped her
kill her mother, two brothers, and attempt to murder her
father, Terry Caffey, who survived. Right now everyone
following this case are waiting to see if the prosecutor
decides to try her as an adult or a juvenile.

Given the details of the case so far she should not be
allowed to hide behind the juvenile system while her
cohorts face the music. If it were not for Erin Caffey,
there would not have been the murders, the attempted
murder or the burning of the family home.

It's appalling that there are those who decide to take
out their parents simply because the father decides to
question their spending too much time on an addictive
website (a fifteen year old boy in AZ)
or because they were seeing someone the parents
considered inappropriate. (Caffey) Depending on
TX law, the moment she was of legal age to emancipate
herself she could have left the family home and moved
in with her "love." Perhaps we'll find out there is a money
angle to this story, perhaps not.

In these type of cases we see all too often that the
impulse control is lacking, or a better way to say it
would be "I want it all, I want it now." The instant
gratification of their desires. I want, I want. I will have.

To kill your own child, or spouse, your parent(s) or siblings
merely because you "want" your freedom, or the money or
whatever, it doesn't make you sympathetic, it makes you
pathetic, self absorbed or disturbingly sociopathic.