Thursday, October 25, 2007

The new Mrs. testifies

Heather Scott Temple testified in her husband David Temple's trial today. Why is she testifying? Apparently since she was not married to him at the time of Belinda Temple's death, the second Mrs. Temple is NOT protected from testifying under spousal privilege regarding issues that happened before their marriage.

Her behaviour on the stand was contentious, particularly towards the Prosecutor. Often she answered "I don't remember" "Can you repeat the question?" Her answers and behaviour sometimes evoked laughter. So much so, that the Judge in the case twice had to clear the jury from the courtroom and admonish not only her, but the audience members!

Judge Doug Shaver: "We're not going to stay here forever and let you argue with these attorneys." To the audience: "We're not going to have that."

David Temple, coach, and Heather Scott, teacher, began a flirtation, sending each other emails months before Belinda was murdered. She testified that they were flirting at "school happy hours."

Can someone tell me what are School Happy Hours!!?

Prosecutor: "How many times Heather had sex with David Temple while he was still married to Belinda Temple?"

Heather Temple: " Two or three."

Prosecutor: "You had sex with David Temple two or three times?"

Heather Temple: "We had sex twice. I admitted to that. I believe it was twice or three times. I don't remember. It wasn't that memorable. I'm not proud of it."

Prosecutor: "Did it make you feel bad enough to not have sex with him?"

Heather Temple: "No."

Other testimony from Heather Scott Temple:

"It was a silly, insignificant relationship, just having fun at the time. I enjoyed the attention and the flirting.

"I'm an insecure person. I liked inappropriate flattery at that time in my life."

"My insecurities lead me to flirt with two married teachers. (David Temple & Quinton Hanlon.)

The emails were "silly, flirting, immature banter. I've admitted to flirting in email."

Heather Scott Temple testified that she told three of the men, including David Temple, to "delete their e-mails" after Belinda Temple was killed."

"At a New Years party at her home in 1998, she and David discussed their relationship."
"We just had a conversation. It wasn't right. We were in front of a lot of people. We knew it was wrong. It made me uncomfortable at him being married." "That was the first time David told me that he loved me. I felt the same way."

Three days later, on January 11, 1999, Belinda Temple was brutally murdered.

Her husband, the widower, David Temple became engaged to Heather Scott in January 2001, and married July 2001.

The testimony about the conversation was in her statements to police. However, she is now stating on the stand that the words in the statement to police "are not her words."

"I saw myself more as a friend trying to comfort David after Belinda's death."

Prosecutor Sielger asked Heather Scott Temple how she thought Belinda Temple would have felt about the affair. Defense Attorney DeGuerin objected. She did not have to answer those queries.

When asked about whether she and her husband David Temple discussed Belinda Temple's murder: "We've never discussed it. David had talked about the shooting with other members of his close-knit family. " "I intentionally kept out of those conversations."

Cross Exam
Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin: "Have you ever heard David Temple say a negative word about Belinda or their marriage?"

Heather Temple: "No."

"I was questioned three times by police after Belinda Temple's murdered. Investigators yelled at me." "I have nothing to hide. It was harsh and unfair. I was like a whipped dog every time I left."

"David had nothing to do with Belinda's murder."