Thursday, October 25, 2007

Belinda Temple

Belinda Temple, 8 months pregnant was shotgunned to death, kneeling in the closet in her bedroom of her home.

The trial of David Temple, accused of murdering his pregnant wife Belinda Temple, is ongoing in Houston, Texas. The Prosecution has begun to put forth the facts of their case and say that David Temple is the only one who had the motive for the murder of Belinda. That motive, is an affair with Heather Scott, with whom he began an affair months before Belinda's death, and whom he married two years after.

In previous hearings, it was shown by the Prosecution that the "burglary" that was supposed to have taken place in conjunction with the murder was a "staged" break in.

The Prosecution believes Temple staged a burglary to make it look as if someone came into the house to burglarize, found Belinda present and killed her. Some of the glass in the back door of the home was broken out, but the glass was strewn inside the house in such a way that it looked as if the door had been open when it was being broken. Drawers were opened, but nothing was missing. A TV was on its side, but not unplugged from the electricity or the cable. Jewelry on Belinda, in and out of jewelry boxes was not touched. Deer rifles and other electronics had not been stolen either. The Prosecution terms this "proprietary interest." In other words, you don't hurt, damage or steal your own belongings.

David Temple was not the only coach at the school to have an "affair" with Heather Scott, a co-worker at Alief Hastings High School, according to a witness today, Quinton Harlon. Harlon testified that he and Temple were friends and co-workers at the school. Harlon also said his own conduct with Heather Scott almost cost him his marriage, that he had contemplated an affair with Scott, but that it had not gone beyond the kissing stage. Harlson stated that David Temple had confronted him about his interest in Scott. He further stated that Temple had threatened him and that as a result he had moved his family out of Houston.

Harlon: "He asked me what I was saying, not only to the grand jury, but to the police," Harlon said. "I told him I was telling the truth. He said, "You need to keep your mouth shut."

The day after Belinda Temple was killed "He asked how Heather was doing."

I asked "Wouldn't you like to know who did it?" David replied "What's the difference? It's not going to bring her back."

Harlon's wife, Tammy Harlon was also on the stand today and tearfully recounted that "David Temple disparaged his in-laws and refused to allow Belinda and their 3-year-old son to visit Belinda's family." "I didn't like David Temple because of the way he treated his wife. I worried that my husband's behavior would mirror David Temple's. I thought my marriage was beginning to look like the Temples' marriage."

The Defense calls this character assassination and that "the investigation was biased and detectives immediately assumed David Temple was guilty. The leads were not followed and the evidence will show that this was a blind focus on David Temple as their one and only suspect."

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