Friday, October 26, 2007

Former roommate of "the other woman" testifies in Temple case.

Tara Hall, former roommate of Heather Scott testified.

Part of her testimony was that Heather and David said "I love you" to each other three days before Belinda's death, and that Heather told her that David "told her that he loved her" but that "it wasn't significant, and that she didn't return the sentiment."

She testified that "Heather Scott moved out of the townhouse they shared months after Belinda's death." Not a year and a half after the shooting as Heather Scott claims.

"They were together at least four times and planted flowers together in the backyard in the spring of 1999."

Defense Attorney DeGuerin reportedly seemed "stunned," asking Tara Hall about dates, the date of her wedding, where she worked during school years. With every question, she remained firm on the time Heather and David had been together, and Heather had moved out.

DeGuerin: "Don't you see how important this is?"

Hall said "I could be wrong" at which point DeGuerin began badgering Tara Hall, with the Prosecution objecting.

If it is true that David and Heather were together within months after the murder instead of two years as they had claimed, it shows that they were acting like a couple shortly after Belinda Temple's murder. A year before Heather Scott testified she and David Temple began "seriously dating."

DeGuerin again badgered Tara Hall after court was over, demanding she "check her records."
Assistant District Attorneys Craig Goodheart shouted "She's not being cross-examined now, Dick!"

DeGuerin: "She's wrong and you know she's wrong,"