Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nowhere Nowak - Judge rules monitor can come off

Judge Marc L. Lubet said "that those claims (Nowhere Nowak's complaints about the monitor being bulky, expensive etc..) did not matter, but that Nowak had behaved well enough over the past seven months to remove the device."

Lubet ordered that "Nowak is still prohibited from contacting Shipman or Bill Oefelein, the former shuttle pilot both women dated. Nowak has no reason to travel to Florida, where Shipman lives, other than court, or to Virginia, where Shipman's boyfriend lives. Nowak is also barred from neighboring Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C., without court approval. "

Lubet further stated "Nowak, a Navy captain, is still under the previous bond of $25,500, and that Shipman testified going to Houston, where Nowak lives, three or four times since the incident. During these trips by Ms. Shipman to Houston, the electronic monitoring GPS device afforded no protection or benefit to Ms. Shipman, as the defendant could freely move about Houston with no fear of violating any condition of the electronic monitoring GPS device."

This lout gets to have her monitor removed. Anyone think she'll make a beeline for either of the two?