Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lisa Nowak, former astronaut.

File this one under Crime, she's been charged.
Also under Mystery, because it's a mystery how
she got chosen for the NASA program. It can
also be under Mayhem because it appears that
she certainly was going to commit mayhem upon
Shipman. It looks as though the court trial will be
full of stupid excuses and filings on her behalf.

First she drives all the way to Florida to "talk to her rival."
Reports of used diapers, so she wouldn't have to stop so often
on the trip ignited a firestorm of derision. Rampant speculation
began as to her real motives considering the items she carried
in her car. Ah, but everybody carries " a duffel bag complete with
knife, pepper spray, a wig and trench coat, steel mallet,
a BB gun, as well as rubber tubing and rubbish sacks" in their
car right?

Nowak wanted to talk to Shipman, her "romantic rival,"
"to find out "where she (Nowak) stands" in the love
triangle. HAH.

Nowhere Nowak.
The guy obviously decided Shipman was where it was at.
That leaves you as zero. Nada. Zip in the love nest.

Nowhere Nowak wants her ankle bracelet removed. She
complained to the court stating, "the monitoring bracelet,
cuts her ankle, gets in the way of her military boot lace,
it's bulky and painful and interfered with her ability to
exercise. She can't swim with her kids. Further, she had
to change the batteries every 12-15 hours and that she
has to pay for the bracelet, which costs $105 a week,
about $3,000 so far." (That's what's frosting her cookies!)

The Assistant state attorney Pamela Davis deserves great
kudos for telling Nowhere Nowak that she "could do other
exercises and "you're paying a media consultant - fire the

All other "alleged" criminals that are wearing an ankle
monitoring device have to live with it, despite the
same complaints. Deal with it Nowak. Use one of the nickels
you are paying your PR person to call someone who cares.

As a military person, you are taught to observe rules,
regulations and the law. Neither of which you did in your
escapade. Whining, as you are, sets a poor example of a
military member and brings dishonor upon the service
by your actions. Abide by the monitoring device and
suck it up.

Nowhere Nowak now wants to plead
"Temporary Insanity." The trial
starts September 24th, 2007 on charges
of: attempted kidnapping, battery
and burglary.

Nowak claims she is competent to stand trial but
"she was suffering from mental disorders when she
allegedly armed herself, and raced in her diapers
to meet and greet Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman.

Nowak is claiming she "had problems with her primary
support group including marital separation, an inability
to confide in her family and problems with her social
environment, including an inadequate social support
system and an inability to confide in social contacts.

HAH! As a member of the military she has numerous
avenues of support including the medical/mental health
community. As a member of the NASA team
(formerly) she had access to the same type of
medical/mental health support. Hell, at the least
she could have written to Dear Abby!!

Nowak's PR person, Marti Mackenzie says
this court filing was "legally required to preserve Nowak's
right to claim insanity if the case gets to trial."

"Even the most naive observer should recognize that Lisa
Nowak's behavior on February 5 was uncharacteristic
and unpredicted for such an accomplished person with
no criminal record or history of violence."

"Nowak's defense team would continue to pursue her
motions to have evidence against her thrown out of
court on grounds her constitutional rights were abused
during a police interrogation and search of her car."
"The defense will not change course."

Oh! I see! It's okay for Nowak to scare Shipman
and spray pepper spray in her face, simply because
Shipman refuses to talk to her. PFFFFT.

Nowaks attorney has arranged for 2 Texas psychiatrists
to testify to Nowak's condition at the time of the alleged

Under Florida law, a defendant pleading insanity must
prove he or she did not understand their actions
or the consequences, or didn't know they were
doing anything wrong.

Kepler Funk, lawyer for Shipman, said "the defence discussed
the notice with prosecutors before the hearing, and it should
have been brought up in court. Funk said the medical conditions
mentioned in the filing strengthened his argument that Nowak's
ankle bracelet should stay.

Being stupid, lovelorn and obsessed with the idea of
"making him love you," inserting yourself in between
two people who clearly don't consider you a part of their
relationship, doesn't qualify as temporary insanity.

Besides, Nowak, if you were so temporarily
insane, and had such a lack of resources for support,
you definitely didn't need to be up in space.

I'm damned glad your actions yanked that possibility beyond