Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Susan Polk Case

Is Susan Polk crazy or is there method to her craziness?

The adage that only a fool represents himself has been uttered about Susan Polk. It appears to many following this legal case agree that the adage applies to Polk. Others aren't so sure.

In representing herself, Polk may feel she is in ultimate control of her destiny and that the jurors
will sympathize with her weirdness.

I think it will backfire. Polk's former Attorney Daniel Horowitz felt that they were making headway and had a chance with the jury. Any positives that they may have made then, seem to have been lost with this jury.

Susan Polk's grandstanding and accusations against the Judge, the Attorney's and even witnesses are taking their toll and not in her favor. The few points she has made are lost in the abyss of her behaviour.