Saturday, April 15, 2006

More from the April 13th Hearing on Laci's Estate

In response to JP's motion regarding the $35,000 she
was seeking, a court document Sharon Rocha filed
informed the court that Jackie and Lee Peterson
had stayed in the Covena Avenue several times during their
son's incarceration in Modesto, which included twelve days
during the preliminary hearing in Nov. 2003.

Sharon Rocha "I assumed (the Petersons) were making
these payments because they were attempting to preserve
the house for the benefit of their son who was a joint tenant
of the property."

Any claim Scott Peterson had on the property evaporated
upon his conviction of killing Laci and Connor Peterson.

Sharon's attorney Moorad "probate law allows an
estate to reimburse only funeral expenses and
debts incurred before a person dies. Jackie Peterson's
expenses could not possibly have been liabilities of
the decedent." "Any legal claims should have been
filed by July 2004. " "He had notified Scott
Peterson in SQ State Prison of the upcoming final
distribution of the estate "out of an abundance of
caution." "Jackie Peterson's claim arrived a few
days later - some 19 months after the time allowed
by law." About the ruling he said "It's the only outcome
the court could have arrived at."

A wrongful death suit for $25 million by Sharon Rocha and
Dennis Rocha is scheduled for trial in September, 2006.