Friday, April 14, 2006

Judge Denies JP's claims

Today's ruling signals the end for probate
proceedings regarding Laci Rocha Peterson's Estate.

The Modesto Bee and it's online site,
will have more details from the hearing tomorrow.

Stanislaus Superior Court Judge David G. Vander Wall
turned down the claims made by Jackie Peterson in her
attempt to garner $35,000 from Laci's Estate.

JP had filed the motion hoping to get back monies
she and Lee Peterson had paid out during the trial
to maintain the Covena house where Laci and Scott
had lived.

Since she had voluntarily paid the mortgage and
property taxes on behalf of her son, utilized the
utilities, the pool and the house for her and her family's
own personal use, I thought it unlikely that a Court
would look favorably upon her motion.

Jackie Peterson appeared without a lawyer. JP wanted
the Judge to overlook the fact that she was without
a lawyer and that she might not have accomplished
all of the correct legal procdures required.

Jackie Peterson “They know I was making the
payments, and the estate profited unfairly from
these payments" “The house was neglected and
rundown." I'm not looking to prolong the close of this
or to profit from it. I just want to be reimbursed.”

Sharon Rocha's attorney argued that the claim had
no merit because creditors can only be reimbursed for
debts that have accrued before a death, not after.

Judge Vander Wall agreed. "I don't think there is any basis
for a creditor's claim."

Jackie and Lee Peterson had already obtained
$100,000 from the sale of the Covena house in 2005.

The ruling clears the way for Sharon Rocha, and Dennis Rocha
to split Laci's Estate between them. This consists after
administrative costs $385,000. Part of the monies consists
of their share of the house sale, $108,000. They'll share
a further $30,000 from Laci's various retirement and
savings accounts, as well as the $250,000 life insurance.

Neither attended today's hearing.

I'm sure both Sharon Rocha and Dennis Rocha and their
families would prefer to have Laci and Connor back.