Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Court Document April 11th Hearing cont..

Neil Entwistle claims to have found his
wife and daughter dead of gunshot wounds
and that he covered them with a blanket.

Crime scene investigators and forensic chemists
were at the scene for several hours before they
determined that Lillian Entwistle had been
shot. The gunshot wound was only discovered
after her and her mother's body had been
moved during the processing of the scene.

At the time of discovery of the bodies, a pillow partially
covered Lillian's face and body, and Rachel's right arm
was stretched across Lillian's chest such that it was
concealing the gunshot wound from view. Also it was
not until the autopsy that investigators determined
that Rachel had been killed by a gunshot wound
to the head as the wound was located above the forehead
hairline and displayed little bleeding.

Keys to both Hopkinton and Carver family homes were
locked inside the car at Logan Airport.

Forensic examination of a.22 caliber revolver
(to which Neil E had access and had previously used,
but one which Rachel Entwistle had not previously
handled) belonging to his father in law revealed DNA
matching the Neil Entwistle was found on the grip of
the firearm. The DNA match for Neil is approx 1 in 5.299

DNA matching Rachel was found on the muzzle end
of the firearm. The match is approx 1. in 21.82 quadrillion.

Examination of his computer showed the adult web sites he
frequented and a series of emails between himself and
another person (apparently a female) in which Neil says
he's in a current relationship but looking for a bit more fun
in the bedroom and a very discrete relationship just for fun.

On his return to England Neil told friends there a different
version of his activities
after claiming to have discovered
his wife and daughter's bodies.

He told friends he had been able to locate his
mother in law's place of business
and told her
of his discovery of the bodies
, and then gathered
with family back in Caver to mourn the news.

He also told them that once back at the Carver home
he began to feel left out. That it was only then that
he decided to return to his own family in England,
going straight home after arriving in London
the evening of Jan 21, 2006.

Evidence shows he rented a car, spent a night in a
hotel abt an hour PAST his home and drove almost
100? * miles around England before going to his
parents home on Jan 23.

(*it was difficult to see on the page whether this
was a one or an eight or some other number)

He did not return for the funeral, he faxed a
letter to the Medical Examiner's office in
Boston relinquishing all responsibility for
burial arrangement to his in laws.

He also called the attorney representing the owner of
the home in Hopkinton and told him he was
relinquishing all interest in the residence and the
contents of the home.

He has no license to carry a firearm or firearm id card.