Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Court Document from Entwistle's April 11th Hearing

Much of what was in the document has already
come to light via a previous hearing, however there
were a few new pieces of information.

Court Documents from April 11th hearing:

Jan 20th
Airport records and surveillance cameras show
Neila Entwistle's family vehicle entered the Airport
Garage abt 8:14 pm and left at 9:34 pm, and again
re-entered at 10:49 pm and remained there until
discovery by law enforcement.

Bank records and surveillance tapes show that from
abt 8:30 pm and 9:15 pm, Neil Entwistle attempted
several cash transactions (some of which were declined)
from two separate ATM machines using a number of
different credit cards. (One of the Atm machines was
in the International Terminal, and the other ATM was
in a domestic terminal. They are about a 15 ( fifteen)
minute walk apart.

Credit card and gas station records show Neil Entwistle
made a gas purchase shortly after 10:00 pm on Route 9
in Chestnut Hill.

Airline records show that approx. 7:00 am on Jan 21, 2006
Neil Entwistle purchased a one way ticket to London, England
by telephone and flew out of Logan Airport at approx 8:15
without any luggage.

On January 23, 2006, Law Enforcement called Neila Entwistle
at the home of his parents in Worksop, England. Neil Entwistle
consented to the recording of the phone call.

Entwistle told LE that on Jan 20, 2006, at approx. 9:00 am
he left home to do an errand. At that time his wife and daughter
were in bed napping. He claims to have returned at approx.
11:00 am, and found them dead from gunshot wounds.

He claimed he could see a gunshot wound on Lillian's
body and blood around her mouth. He did not call for emergency
assistance, but covered their bodies with a comforter
then got a knife to kill himself but could not go thru with it.

He left the home in the car and drove to in-laws home in
Carver Mass. to get a gun so he could kill himself. He
claimed he could not get into their home so he left
to go to his mother in law's office to tell her, but claimed
he could not find the office. He then drove to Logan
Airport because he wanted to go home to his parents
in England.

Neil Entwistle told LE that a) because he and his wife had only
recently moved to Hopkinton, only a few friends and family
members knew where they lived, * b) that he had no
problems in his business or personal life that would
cause someone to commit the murders, and c) he
had no idea who would do this to his wife and daughter.

(*LE has established that he was deeply in debt)

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