Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The motion against Laci's Estate

Pool Service charges. Yes. Pool Service
Charges. Jackie & Lee Peterson are
asking for reimbursement of those
charges from Laci's Estate.

The P's were staying in the local area
while attending Preliminary hearings
for their son Scott Peterson prior to the
Court granting a change of venue to Redwood
City. While there, according to news reports
they invited family and guests to utilize the pool.

Mortgage payments and property taxes.
No one made them pay these. Sure, they
thought that Scott would be coming back to
the home after his "acquittal" and would be
able to reimburse them for their doing so.
Or perhaps it would be one of the many "gifts"
that they gave him monetarily.

Repairs. Oh, yes, by all means those!
What repairs you ask? How about changing
the locks to keep Sharon Rocha out of the house,
the same house in which her daughter Laci had
welcomed her presence. Paying for an alarm service
that notified her (JP) when someone (Sharon)
entered the home. Those repairs.

Utility bills. Puhleeze. The P's and family
stayed at the home and incurred those bills.
They could have stayed at a Holiday Inn,
a Rodeway, any number of hotels or motels
in Modesto. They CHOSE to stay in the
Covena house and incur those bills.

The P's received a portion of proceeds from
the sale of the Covena house (for $390,000) in
July of 2005.

My heart beats pitty patter with pity for
those terrible charges JP incurred on her,
the family and Scott's behalf. (If you believe
that, I have prime land to sell you in a swamp
area. Contact Pats for details.)

"I expect to be reimbursed for all my expenses. "
"I do not ask to profit. I ask for what is fair and proper."

Somehow to me that ranks up there with Jackie
Peterson's infamous phrases "We want those"
and, "I'll make her tea."

What would be fair in my opinion would
be for Jackie and Lee Peterson to shut up,
sit down, visit Scott and deal with reality. It
would be so much more proper than the undignified
grasping and constant needling of Laci's family by
actions they themselves incurred voluntarily.

Scott fell not far from that particular set of
rotten apple trees.