Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Peterson's set up $250,000 Reward

Jackie and Lee Peterson, along with a cadre
of Scott supporters are active in a website
called ScottPetersonAppeal.org.

In addition to hiring appeal lawyers for
Scott's ongoing appeals process, which they
hope will assist in fast tracking his case
through the system, they have set up a
monetary award for, get this..
"for information leading to an arrest and
conviction," for the real killers of Laci Peterson
and of her unborn son Connor.

Hello! The REAL KILLER IS incarcerated.

Lee Peterson "All of us remain deeply committed
to Scott's innocence and to finding Laci's real killer."

On visiting day at San Quentin they look at the real
killer. The golden boy exhibited tarnish and no
amount of polishing that image is going to restore
it's lustre.

Prosecutor Birgit Fladager "It's easy to offer that kind
of money when they know they're never going to be
called upon to spend it."

Too right. But when has that ever stopped the P's
from making an empty gesture?

Both Fladager and Victim's Rights Advocate Mark Klass
have voiced a valid query. Have the Peterson's placed the
reward money into an escrow account?
Klass "If not, how real is it?"

Good question. For me as for many others
who followed the case, the P's came across
as being concerned about appearances. How
the appearance of things reflected upon them.

The faux tip line. "Sharon is welcome to come
into the house." "I'll make her tea." Those among
quite a few other patches they placed
upon their credibility factor after realizing that
people weren't blind to their feeble attempts to
misdirect attention away from their faux
sunny golden boy Scott.

For those who contribute, another good question.
What happens to your hard earned money, freely
given out of the goodness of your heart when no
other real killer is found. What happens to the money?
Does it grow and fund his appeals? Does it go into
his commissary fund to finance his changes of socks?
Do you get reimbursed?

Or does Jackie "I deserve it" Peterson get to spend it
on more antiques or Jaguars?