Monday, April 10, 2006

April 9th would have been Lillian Entwistle's 1st Birthday

Joe Dwinnell, journalist blogger,
from the Boston Herald, pointed
out in his blog that April 9th, would
have been little Lillian Entwistle's first
birthday. Lillian was allowed to
live only 9 months.

Tomorrow, two days later, on April 10th,
her father, Neil Entwistle will be present
in Middlesex Superior Court at 9 am.
to be arraigned for the murders of
Lillian and her mother Rachel.

Dwinnell says it's his gut instinct that
we should all expect some surprises
during this hearing.

Perhaps we shall.

Although a plea was entered for him
at the first arraignment, this time
it's for him to plead Guilty or Not Guilty.

No one really believes he'll plead Guilty
and allow the family to put this behind them.
With a high profile lawyer who's insisting his
client isn't responsible for this heinous crime,
it's a safe bet we will see this case come to
trial. Dwinnell estimates it will be in about a year.

I can't imagine an entire year going by without
more information coming out into the press.

Perhaps, or perhaps not. Time will tell.